ROG Phone 8 Review – Refined Gaming Flagship Tested

ROG Phone 8 Review cover

The majority of flagship smartphones in the market typically consider the ability to tackle heavy mobile gaming more as a bonus rather than a primary aspect of its design whereas the ROG Phone series and its latest iteration the ROG Phone 8 put it as the centrepiece of its raison d’etre.  We got our hands…

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Lock and load – Call of Duty Warzone Mobile global launch inbound on 21 March

Lock and load - Call of Duty Warzone Mobile global launch inbound on 21 March 1

Ardent FPS gamers on smartphones are likely cognizant that Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has been puttering around in selected regions for awhile now including Malaysia but now that they’ve worked out the kinks, the game will have a global launch this 21st March 2023. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is free to download and…

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MSI Claw gaming handheld coming to Malaysia priced from RM3,499

MSI Claw Malaysia launch

Glimpsed earlier at CES 2024, the MSI Claw A1M, to give its full designation, is MSI’s latest gaming handheld and it will available in Malaysia from March 2024 onwards with two possible configurations depending on how deep your pockets go that vary in terms of what Intel Core Ultra processor is running under the hood.…

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Predator Helios Neo 16 launched in Malaysia with 14th Gen Intel CPUs; prices start from RM6,399

acer predator helios neo 16 brief

The refreshed Predator Helios Neo 16 gaming laptops made their Malaysia debut with prices that start from RM6,399 and up alongside the potent majesty of the revamped Predator Helios 18 and Predator Helios 16 that cost quite a bit more. Here’s how the refresh stacks up… Predator Helios Neo 16 specs and price in Malaysia…

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Razer Blade 18 shows big is best with massive 18-inch QHD+ display, 13th Gen Intel Core i9 HX CPU

razer blade 18 gaming

Alongside the compact Razer Blade 14 and the new Razer Blade 16, CES 2024 saw them taking the wraps off the new Razer Blade 18, an absolutely massive 18-inch gaming behemoth that is as powerful as it is huge with dimensions that make it better suited as a desktop replacement. Razer Blade 18 specs Razer…

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Honor teams up with Gameloft for optimised Asphalt 9 Legends on Porsche Design Honor Magic V2 RSR

HONOR X Gameloft_2 asphalt 9 legends

The Porsche Design Honor Magic V2 RSR as well as its mainline sibling the Honor Magic V2 will be enjoying a customised version of popular racing game Asphalt 9 Legends that has been optimised for their foldables via a special collaboration between Honor and game developer Gameloft. Asphalt 9 Legends optimisations for Porsche Design Honor…

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Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor expansion offers a mystery with prizes and more

Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor expansion 1

Everybody loves to figure out a whodunit but the new Magic The Gathering expansion dubbed the Murders at Karlov Manor elevates it to a playable art form. Slated for imminent launch this 9 February 2024, the expansion has a special murdery mystery featuring live actors that is presented as an online contest with prizes to…

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APAC Predator League 2025 to be held in Malaysia

APAC Predator League 2024 ceremony

Acer has officially announced that the prestigious Asia Pacific Predator League 2025 will be held in Malaysia next year. After the conclusion of the fifth APAC Predator League in Manila earlier in January this year, Acer Malaysia Managing Director Kon Tek Yoong made the announcement while receiving the honoured Predator League standard from Sue Ong-Lim,…

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