Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor expansion 1

Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor expansion offers a mystery with prizes and more

Everybody loves to figure out a whodunit but the new Magic The Gathering expansion dubbed the Murders at Karlov Manor elevates it to a playable art form. Slated for imminent launch this 9 February 2024, the expansion has a special murdery mystery featuring live actors that is presented as an online contest with prizes to be won for those with superior sleuthing skills. You can check it out here.

Murders at Karlov Manor mtg1

Competition aside, the Murders at Karlov Manor expansion set takes places in the cityscape of Ravnica and plays on murder mystery tropes as players unveil clues, set detectives and attempt to solve mysteries that act as enhanced game mechanics for the standard Magic the Gathering play loop.

Murders at Karlov Manor launch boosters

On top of the new mechanics, the expansion also marks the launch of new Play Boosters that blend draft boosters and set boosters to create a new means of gaming.

New Magic the Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor expansion mechanics

Among the new game mechanics exclusive to the expansion are Disguise which lets cards be placed down as 2/2 colourless creatures with Ward which can then be turned face up by paying a special disguise cost unique to each card.

Murders at Karlov Manor launch game

Another is slapping Suspected on a creature, meaning that it can’t block while the term is still in effect. Another fun mechanic is Collect Evidence which generates unique effects when you exile cards from your graveyard with a mana value equal or greater than a specific number. Another new mechanic are Cases which have specific conditions to solve them and which then confer additional effects on completion.

The set will also feature playable dossier creature cards of the main playable characters for the expansion that also have additional notes written in UV sensitive ink for flavour.

Murders at Karlov Manor mtg cards

Coming this 9th February 2024, the new expansion will come in Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, Commander Decks, Prerelease Packs, Bundles and Gift Bundles. For more details check out To check out the online murder mystery competition, check out the official Magic the Gathering Facebook page here.