Huge MSI MEG Vision X AI gaming desktop and more launched at Computex 2024 1

Huge MSI MEG Vision X AI gaming desktop and more launched at Computex 2024

On top of a slew of QD-OLED displays, refreshed Pro series monitors, gaming laptops and a gaming handheld, MSI has also showcased a variety of new PC cases for gamers and enterprise users alike with several featuring AI enhancements such as their new MSI MEG Vision X AI that dials everything to eleven.

MEG Vision X AI PC display top


As visually impressive as it is massive and powerful, the MSI MEG Vision X AI PC earns its moniker on account of a massive front-mounted touchscreen that allows users to interact with the PC’s settings along with the built-in MSI AI Engine to optimise user settings as well as a localised chatbot. 

The secondary touch display on the MSI MEG Vision X AI desktop itself seemed highly configurable and ran the usual Windows 11 taskbar at the bottom while also featuring direct access to performance settings. Beyond this, it is conceivable to use it as a secondary display for watching other content in lieu of working on the main screen.

MSI MEG Vision X AI PC display

There’s no official details on what specifications it will have at launch but the MSI MEG Vision X AI does feature Frozr AI Cooling that leverages AI-driven algorithmic techniques to ensure better cooling efficiency, an AIO Liquid Cooler for better heat dispersion from the processor and a more user-friendly design with the connectors clustered in the back for better cable management.

MEG Vision X AI PC list

At present, there are no pricing details or exact specifications for the MSI MEG Vision X AI PC but it is confirmed to arrive sometime later this year.

MAG Infinite E1 14th PC

MSI’s new MAG Infinite E1 14th gaming tower PC looks to deliver as much gaming performance as possible while featuring onboard enhanced AI capabilities.

Depending on configuration, it can be equipped with up to a 14th Gen Intel Core 14700F processor, up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card, DDR5 RAM and has an easily configurable internal layout for easy access and upgrades.

MAG Infinite E1 14th PC

To keep the hardware cool, the MSI MAG Infinite E1 14th also has their Frozr AI cooling array that optimises cooling efficiency via AI-driven logarithmic techniques. MSI has also implemented their proprietary MSI AI Engine which is able to assist in optimising the user experience such as performance settings, screen colour, audio and screen colour without requiring significant tinkering to get the best results. In terms of pricing, it can be acquired from US$1,599 and up and is already available in the market.


The MSI Cubi NUC 13MQG is a compact Next Unit of Computing (NUC) form factor PC that is slated for a late Q3 2024 launch with prices that start from US$1,199. The NUC itself has been tweaked for enhanced sustainability with a chassis made of PCR plastics and 92% renewable energy at the factor, features a one-meter power saving button that also shows you your current carbon emissions and leccy expenditure at a glance and has packaging made from 100% recyclable moulded pulp. 


Connectivity is comprehensive with plenty of space inside for upgrades. You get 2 DDR5 SO-DIMM slots, a pair of M.2 SSD slots as well as space for a 2.5-inch hard disk or SSD. It also comes with two Thunderbolt 4 ports with one supporting 100W power delivery to charge other items, 2.5G LAN and dTPM support and can ultimately push a feed out to 4 meters at a time. Of note is that it has MSI’s Power Link feature, allowing it to be powered up by selected MSI monitors like the MSI pro MP252 E2 and MP271AP E2.

MSI Pro DP21 14MQG mini PC

Intended primarily for business use, the MSI Pro DP21 14MQG is a space-saving, budget-friendly mini PC form factor that’s small enough to mount behind a monitor and is made from PCR plastics and 92% renewable energy, making it more sustainable than its predecessors Even the packaging it comes in is sustainable and made with 100% recycled pulp.

MSI Pro DP21 14MQG mini PC

The MSI Pro DP21 14MQD also has a dedicated power meter button that helps to optimise power expenditure when in use while also offering carbon and electricity cost estimates so you know where exactly you stand on the naughty or nice green list.

According to MSI, this model is already available in the market with prices that start from US$999. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates on MSI and other brands as we cover Computex 2024!

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