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Panasonic FutureTech 2.0 Solution Showcase reveals innovative green and smart solutions 

Panasonic is best known for their range of home appliances like their recently launched cordless vacuums in Malaysia and also maintain a robust presence in integrated solutions too. To highlight their wide range of smart, green and immersive solutions, the brand inaugurated their Panasonic FutureTech 2.0 Solution Showcase in Malaysia.

What is the Panasonic FutureTech 2.0 Solution Showcase

For the uninitiated, the Panasonic FutureTech 2.0 Solution Showcase is a large exhibition of smarter, safer, greener and more connected security and facility management solutions at scale to manage all the common challenges of administering large facilities.

Panasonic FutureTech launch

From left: Mr. Seelan Kandasamy, General Manager, Country Head of Systems Solutions & Head of Strategic B2B Department, Panasonic Malaysia and Jiang Fu Wei, Director of Platform Centre, Panasonic Appliances R&D Centre Singapore.

Panasonic FutureTech 2.0 showcases a wide selection of revolutionary solutions across different key vertical markets that offers ground-breaking technology, designed to deliver unprecedented smart and green solutions to enhance customer experience, and improve industry productivity and efficiency,” said Seelan Kandasamy, Country Head of System Solutions and Head of B2B Panasonic Malaysia.

Panasonic FutureTech solutions

Among the solutions showcased at the event are smart security systems, intelligent energy and clean air solutions, visitor and and parking management systems, facility booking systems, printing management services, smart lockers, a campus e-wallet for cashless payments, integrated access control systems and much more.  

Of note is that these smart solutions are scalable based on need and the size of the intended facility ranging from buildings to campuses all the way to townships to towns with direct applications for schools, government and corporate facilities, manufacturing, hospitality as well as solutions for the construction industry too.

Panasonic FutureTech verticals

Also launched at the showcase are Panasonic’s S.iCity smart building solutions that leverage IoT and cloud solutions that are green and smart while modernising existing infrastructure and ensuring sustainability while improving sustainability and productivity.

panasonic futuretech s.icity solution demo

Among the S.iCity solutions showcased at the event including smart light monitoring and control, smart water level monitoring, smart irrigation systems and smart energy solutions too.

panasonic S.iCity solutions

Where Panasonic maintains the decisive edge when offering smart and integrated solutions is the deep integration of their various solutions that leverages their collaboration with RFnet, Extron, Calms, Macking Domain, ASI Synergy and TDSi.

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This deep collaboration enables Panasonic to offer a comprehensive one-stop solution that eschews the need to source solutions from multiple vendors and having to integrate all of them together into an effective, working system. The showcase is open to the public from now till 16th March 2023.

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