Panasonic SB33J and SB53K group shot

Svelte and powerful Panasonic SB33J and SB53K cordless stick vacuums launched in Malaysia from RM1,349

Panasonic Malaysia has just rolled out two now cordless stick vacuums in Malaysia dubbed the SB33J and the SB53K with the former priced at RM1,349 and the latter at RM1,699.

Both the Panasonic SB33K and SB53K feature ergonomic handles, a linear stick-shaped design and Panasonic’s Float-Lite tech that allows the vacuum cleaner heads to easily manoeuvre around tight spaces. 

Panasonic SB33J and SB53K left and right

The Panasonic SB33J (right) and SB53K (left)

What is the Panasonic SB33J

In terms of design, the Panasonic SB33J is optimised for carpets as well as hardwood and tile floors. The whole affair weighs 1.3kg, features a washable 0,3L dust box and filter while a short 3.5 hour charging time allows for about 30 minutes of usage time.

Of note is its cleaner head that uses aforementioned Panasonic’s Float-Lite tech and is versatile enough to tackle carpets, tiles and hardwood floors without having to swap attachments for different surfaces on account of featuring much denser bristles and a series of Y-shaped bristle tips that make it easier to snag dust on flat surfaces.

What is the Panasonic SB53K

The larger SB53K weighs about 1.5kg and has a similarly sized and washable 0.3L dust box as the smaller SB33J. In terms of endurance, it has a similar 30 minutes of run time and 3.5 hours of charging time. The slight additional weight is on account of a  built-in dust sensor that can detect if there’s any remaining bits of dust or dirt on the floor to ensure that you conduct a thorough clean.

Panasonic SB33J and SB53K tangle free power nozzle

The conventional cleaner head on the Panasonic SB33J (left) and the optimised SB53K Tangle Free Power Nozzle attachment (right)

What makes it unique is that it features a patented Tangle Free Power Nozzle attachment that consists of a specially designed conical-shaped brush to more efficiently clean up loose strands of hair on the floor. 

In terms of pricing, the Panasonic SB33J retails for RM1,349 while the larger SB53K retails for RM1,699. Both cordless stick vacuums are available nationwide at authorised retailers and online at Panasonic website at