Apple TV PS5

PlayStation 5 owners now get 6 months of Apple TV+ for free

If you own a PlayStation 5 in Malaysia, rejoice as you can now get 6 months of free Apple TV+ without paying a single cent.

All you need to do is to redeem your offer from today until 22nd July 2022 is to have an Apple ID and a PlayStation network account to get full access to a slew of Apple shows like the impressive Greyhound starring Tom Hanks, Foundation and more. 

How to redeem the Apple TV+ offer on the PS5

In your PS5, you’ll need to find the Apple TV app in your console’s search bar or under the ‘All Apps’ tab in Media Home. You’ll then have to download the app and from there, you’ll have to sign in and once you’re done signing in with your Apple ID, you’re up and running.

Apple TV PS5

Not only does Malaysia get this sweet deal, a slew of other countries get it too including Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia for this part of the world. For a full list and to peruse the fine print, check out