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Stylish Razer Unleashed and Genesis collections released to level up your fashion game

Fashion aficionados will likely appreciate the regular, limited-edition drops when Razer collaborates with renowned creators and brands but getting them was another matter entirely as they’re usually sold out in minutes, if not seconds. Now, they’re aiming to tackle that with the release of two in-house lines dubbed the Razer Genesis and Razer Unleashed streetwear collections that offer daring lines, quality craftsmanship and practical design.

Razer Genesis Collection Price

The Razer Genesis collection features subtle green lines and minimalistic designs that prioritise comfort and practical, everyday use be it indoors or outdoors. This particular collection offers a t-shirt and shorts combo, a bucket hat as well as a bomber jacket with waterproof zippers and hood. Here’s how much the collection costs

Razer Genesis Tee: $49.99 | €59.99

Razer Genesis Bomber Jacket: $99.99 | €109.99

Razer Genesis Shorts: $69.99 | €79.99

Razer Genesis Bucket Hat: $39.99 | €44.99

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Razer Unleashed Collection Price

The Razer Unleashed collection has bolder larger Razer livery across its designs to show people that they’re true Razer fans. The collection consists of an oversized Tee, a sweatshirt and casual shorts combo, a zip-up hoodie with space to don headphones at the same time, jogger pants, a snapback cap and a bucket hat. Here’s how much the collection costs

Razer Unleashed Oversized Tee: $59.99 | €69.99

Razer Unleashed Sweatshirt: $69.99 | €79.99

Razer Unleashed Zip Hoodie: $99.99 | €109.99

Razer Unleashed Shorts: $59.99 | €69.99

Razer Unleashed Jogger Pants: $79.99 | €89.99

Razer Unleashed Snapback Cap: $39.99 | €44.99

Razer Unleashed Bucket Hat: $39.99 | €44.99

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Razer Genesis and Razer Unleashed Collection Availability

Both the Razer Genesis and Razer Unleashed collection are now available for purchase online at the Razer store.