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Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions with Plasmacluster Ion Technology – Committed to Personalised Protection

Malaysians are spending more time at home, with many opting for remote work to be closer to their loved ones. In the wake of the new normal, Malaysians are also becoming increasingly aware of the need for good air quality, especially at home though concerns about air pollution persist, particularly during certain times of the year when the haze becomes a pressing issue.

For urbanites living in larger cities like Kuala Lumpur, the air pollution problem becomes more pronounced as fumes from internal combustion engine vehicles and other pollutants contribute negatively to air quality, potentially affecting those with allergies as well as young children and the elderly. In fact, over 60% of Malaysians are aware of the importance of owning the right air purifier for their needs.

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To meet this pressing need and to help families breathe easier with greater peace of mind, Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions that integrate the innovative Plasmacluster Ion technology are now available in Malaysia. 

What is Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions air purifier range?

Available in a variety of different designs that cater to homes and offices, families and groups of all sizes in a variety of stylish form factors, Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions range of air purifiers are a trusted household name across Malaysia and Asia with over 100 million units sold of Plasmacluster Ion enabled products across the world and the lauded accolade of being Japan and ASEAN’s No.1 air purifier brand**. 

In Malaysia, Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions range consists of the cute yet effective Baby Sharp Air Purifier designed specifically for babies and young children, the Sharp Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier series that catches nasty mosquitoes, the effective Sharp High Ion Density Air Purifier series, the Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier series that infuses the air with positive ions to revitalise skin, the minimalist looking Sharp Purefit Air Purifier, the Sharp Compact Air Purifier for smaller rooms and offices, the personal-sized Sharp Portable Ion Generator and much more.

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Unique to the entire Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions range and their immense popularity is the inclusion of Sharp Plasmacluster Ion technology, but what is it exactly?

What makes the Plasmacluster Ion Technology in Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions series air purifiers unique?

A cutting edge enhancement to air purifiers, Plasmacluster Ion technology equipped devices are unique to Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions range of air purifiers and are integrated into a selected range of other Sharp products too.

Sharp air purifiers with Plasmacluster Ion technology are able to emit naturally occurring positive and negative ions that act to purify the air while minimising the incidence of airborne mould as well as suppressing the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and allergens. 

In a test by the Kitasato Institute Medical Centre Hospital, Research Division in Japan, Plasmacluster Ion technology was shown to be able to eliminate 99% of airborne bacteria and remove 97% of airborne mould. Plasmacluster Ion technology has also been proven to reduce asthma incidents by 40% with long-term use.

Where the Plasmacluster Ion technology used in Sharp’s Air Care Pro range of air purifiers and other products gets the edge over conventional air purifiers is their ability to effectively break down and eliminate nasty odours like cigarette smoke, haze and the lingering smell of strong foods from the air. 

Better yet, PlasmaCluster Ion technology is also able to reduce pet dander, reduce the effect of static electricity which prevents pollen and airborne dust from clinging to curtains and other surfaces in the home along with a beneficial moisturising effect on skin too. 

Depending on model and type Sharp’s Air Care Pro range of air purifiers can feature Plasmacluster Ion technology in one of three strengths – High Density 7000 for light use use, High Density 25,000 for moderate use and High Density Next for the highest possible Plasmacluster Ion concentration per square centimetre and heavy use.

In tandem with Plasmacluster Ion technology, Sharp air purifiers also incorporate a potent 3-step HEPA filtration system that can capture 99.97% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns while a unique airflow system that utilises the Coanda effect offers more effective air purification performance.

Not only are they effective, Sharp air purifiers are smart too. Via a downloadable Sharp Air App for Android and iPhones, owners are able to stay informed of daily air quality in the room the Sharp Air Purifier is placed in, enable it to intelligently allocate settings based on air quality levels and even notify when to swap out filters once they wear out.

Sharp High Ion Density Air Purifier Series

The flagship Sharp air purifier with High Ion Density series comes in a variety of elegantly designed and powerful models for all home and usage scenarios. The top of the line FPJ80LH model offers up the best air purification performance in up to a 62m2 radius that makes it ideal for a busy office or living room with its sleek, minimalist grey finish. 

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For home use, the FPJ60LW model in white offers up clean air in a 48m2 radius while the more compact FPJ50LH with its 40m2 radius is ideal for dining rooms where food odours are often present. For study rooms, the FPJ40LW model is an ideal choice with its 30m2 radius while for children, the FPJ30LA/B in a child-friendly blue or black design offers up to a 23m2 radius of pure clean air.

Common to all models is Sharp’s unique Plasmacluster Ion technology along with a triple filter to ensure clean and odour free air. To peruse the full range, check out the official Sharp page here.

Sharp Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier Series

In a tropical country like Malaysia, mosquitos are a pervasive problem that can bring about itchy bites which interrupt sleep and work as well as spread diseases like dengue and malaria. The Sharp air purifier with Mosquito Catcher is the world’s first air purifier that not only purifies the air with Plasmacluster Ion technology but also effectively catches mosquitoes too. 

To snag mozzies, it emits a UV light and a black design that attracts them to enter and get stuck in a special enclosure lined with an insecticide-free glue sheet for easy disposal. Like other Sharp air purifiers, this unique design also features a 3-in-1 HEPA filter design that captures dust and micro particles, removes bad odours from the air and dust while releasing Plasmacluster Ions. 

Best of all, the unique mosquito catching technology used in the Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher series is not only chemical and toxin free but 100% natural too, ensuring it is safe and harmless to use around the's air care pro mosquito catcher V2

In Malaysia, the Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher series comes in three models with the compact model FPJM30LB for rooms up to 23m2 in size, the midsized model FPJM40LB for rooms up to 30m2 in size and the top of the line FPGM50LB for rooms up to 40m2 in size. For more details, check out Sharp Malaysia’s official page here.

Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier Series

The Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier series combines their renowned Plasmacluster Ions air purifier technologies along with an integrated humidifier that helps to keep the air moist and breathable. 

Sharp's Air Care Pro Humidifying Purifier

The Plasmacluster Ion technology paired with the triple HEPA filters helps to clean the air of dust and allergens while infusing it with both positive and negative ions in tandem with the built-in humidifier that has a synergistic effective with the Plasmacluster Ions, making the air more moist and breathable especially for those suffering from allergies, asthma or when recovering from a cold or other respiratory infection.

The top of the line KIL60LW model is able to humidify and purify up to 50m2 of space while its large 3.6L water tank offers extended all-day humidifying capabilities. On the other end of the scale is the KCF30LW Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier that can humidify and keep the air clean in up to a 21m2 area and a modest 1.8L water tank.

A step up is the KIN40LW/H available in white or black colourways with a 2.7L tank and up to 28m2 coverage. One step below the flagship KIL60LW is the KIN50LW which can offer up to 38m2 coverage and humidify its immediate area at an efficient 600ml per hour.

Baby Sharp Air Purifier

With weaker immune systems than adults, babies and younger children need a clean air environment to thrive. The elegant baby-friendly Baby Sharp Air Purifier model FUC01W ensures clean for babies and young children with Plasmacluster Ion technology that filters air through a pre-filter as well as a dust and deodorising filter before infusing it with both positive and negative ions. 

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The Baby Sharp Air Purifier has a 360-degree, all-angle field of operation around it that offers up clean, safe air in a 10m2 radius and also features a welcoming night light for your little angels for a more welcoming, restful sleep. For more details on the Baby Sharp Air Purifier range, check out their official site here.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator Series 

The Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator series from Sharp’s Air Care Pro range are personal air purifiers that are light and compact to be taken almost anywhere. The top of the line Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator IGNX2EB model fits neatly in a car cup holder and is capable of offering a 3.6m2 sphere of clean purified air which makes it perfect for cars of almost any size. You can check out the range on Sharp’s official site here.

Sharp's Air Care Pro portable ion generator

For more compact use, the IGNM1W is small enough to be worn in a lanyard around the neck while offering maximum air purifying performance while the IGEX20BW is sized slightly larger for use on a desk at home or in the office. You can check out Sharp’s official site here to peruse their range in more detail.

Sharp's Air Care Pro series compact air purifier

For more information about Sharp’s Air Care Pro Solutions, check out Sharp’s Air Care Pro official website at

** Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 20ed, volume sales in units, 2019 data.