New acerpure clean V1 cordless vacuum in Malaysia weighs just 1.5kg; costs RM1,299

acerpure clean V1_6

Acer is best known for their diverse array of laptops and, of late, air purifiers under their acerpure line but they’re now diversifying into a more unique area of endeavour – cordless vacuums. In Malaysia, Acer has launched the new acerpure clean V1 and the acerpure clean V1 Lite cordless vacuums. acerpure clean V1 and…

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Powerful new Dyson V15 Detect Absolute with anti-tangle, dust detecting laser and 240AW power, now in Malaysia from RM4,799

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute cover

When it comes to cordless vacuums, Dyson is miles ahead of the competition with a slew of innovative designs that perform better in every way and, in keeping with the ethos of their founder Sir James Dyson, help to solve problems that others ignore. In that regard, the new Dyson V15 Detect Absolute cordless vacuum…

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LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifiers offer refreshing water on tap from RM60 per month

LG puricare 2

LG has just launched their latest LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier units in Malaysia that make getting a glass of fresh water as easy as pressing a button with options to purchase it outright inclusive of filter replacements or via a monthly rental fee from RM60/month. What is the LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water…

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Samsung Celebrating the New Together Merdeka promotion offers up to an awesome RM1,200 in savings

Samsung Celebrating the New Together Merdeka promotion

The new Samsung Celebrating the New Together promotion that is kicking off today and which is ongoing until 30th September 2022 will offer a slew of bargains on their best home appliances including up to RM1,200 in savings, special purchase-with-purchase offers, e-wallet credit up to RM400 and much more.  Among the available home appliances that…

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Dreame H12 vacuum cleaner and mop launched in Malaysia for RM2,599

dreame H12 wide

Local outfit Uniqbe has just launched the Dreame H12 wet and dry vacuum cleaner as well as the Dreame Bot W10 robot vacuum and mop that aim to make housecleaning a bit easier. Dreame H12 vacuum cleaner and mop price in Malaysia The Dreame H12 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is able to both mop…

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Roborock G10 robot vacuum and mop up for preorder priced at RM3,699 in Malaysia

Roborock G10 robot vacuum and mop up for preorder priced at RM3,699 in Malaysia 1

Let’s face it folks – we’re all short on time and mopping as well as sweeping the floor is likely the last thing on our minds after the daily grind at work. Fortunately, that’s where something like the Roborock G10 robot vacuum comes in that’s now up for preorder in Malaysia with a special RM3,699…

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Here’s why the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator is a fantastically fashion-forward home accessory for fashionistas

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator pink

How you decorate your home speaks volumes as to your personality and of course, good taste. While furniture can come in all shapes and styles from Bauhaus to Baroque, refrigerators usually don’t have the same breadth and depth of choices with most options typically running to variations of a grey slab perched like a monolith…

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Here’s how staying cool is easy with the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioners from as low as RM88/month

Samsung Windfree

The scorching weather in Malaysia almost all year round means that getting an air conditioner is often a necessity to remain comfortable at home though many homeowners hesitate at the potential up-front cost of investing in an air conditioner as well as the bill to keep it running especially under the typical blazing heat of…

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Samsung Bespoke Jet cordless vacuums now come in more posh colours to class up your home from RM3,699

Samsung Bespoke Jet cordless vacuum colours

Samsung is now offering two additional colourways of their classy Bespoke Jet cordless vacuums with each colour offering additional accessories to complement the vacuum itself. Alongside the current Bespoke Jet in Midnight Blue, Samsung have added a Misty White version with basic accessories and a top of the line version with the whole kit and…

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Here’s why the stylishly compact Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators are perfect for small apartments

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators fridge 4

When you own a small apartment, every single inch of space counts and investing in a good apartment-sized refrigerator for small apartments can often be a challenge. Some refrigerators are too large while others may look aesthetically out of place when installed alongside your existing decor. Enter the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator that has been launched…

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