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Review – PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier – Affordable yet stylish way to clear the air

Air quality is becoming critical in my home especially now that I have kids but the price of air purifiers from some larger brands are astronomical, to say the least.

The new PrismPlus Aura that just arrived in Malaysia is a fraction of the price at RM429. While PrismPlus or Prism+ as they are known in some circles are best known for their range of and monitors, they’re going into home appliances too with this new air purifier. After testing it for several weeks, here’s my PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier review where I share what makes this new offering so special.

PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier review chassis

The PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier chassis comes in your choice of either white or Space Grey for the Malaysia market and is designed to purify 182 square metres of space at a time, making it ideal for a small room.

Review – PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier – Setup and Design

Designed for purifying the air in a small room, the PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier has a curvy, compact design that comes in either Space Grey or Alpine White.

My review sample is the latter.  What makes it attractive is that the top has a rounded cute looking head with animated eyes that makes it look like a robot from WALL-E. The eyes are actually air quality indicators, showing how good or bad the air quality is in a room so that you can see it at a glance.

The PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier functions on the same principles as other air purifiers, sucking air in through a filter in the base and exuding clean air out up top. Out of the box, you get the PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier itself, a HEPA filter that you are meant to insert into the base of the unit and a power cable.

PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier review box contents

Setting it up is straightforward and you can download and pair it up with the Prism+ Connect App to check ambient air quality and modify its settings using your smartphone as the air purifier itself only has an on/off button.

At launch the app only works with their air conditioners and air purifiers though it would be nice if it supports more PrismPlus devices in future.

Review – PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier – Performance and User Experience

For my review of the PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier, I will go into its user experience and results as testing air quality would require lab equipment which I don’t have.

I have a pet dog at home and also live in a rather dusty part of Kuala Lumpur because of ongoing construction nearby that kicks up a lot of dust that often covers my windows and laundry. I am also quite sensitive to dust and get a runny nose if it gets really dusty. The same goes for my children too.

I placed the Aura in my bedroom and tested it over a period of two weeks. According to PrismPlus, the filter used in it is medical-grade HEPA H13, capable of filtering and capturing out 99.97% of airborne contaminants including allergens, dust, hair, pollen and dust mites too.

Each filter lasts about a year with a replacement filter costing about RM99 on their website which works out to a few ringgit a month.

While I usually sneeze once in a while when I am in my room, I didn’t even get the sniffles over the past couple of weeks. I left it running on auto mode and even when it runs at night, the brushless motor is really quiet and I was able to sleep peacefully without problems.

PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier review usage

The PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier also has a carbon filter that helps it capture bad smells too which may be useful if you put in places where there are strong smelling items like the dining room or near the kitchen. I also noticed that there’s noticeably less loose pet hair about the place especially the ultrafine pet dander that tends to accumulate on furniture or places where my dog likes to hang around in.

Hitech Century Silver award

The PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier does what it is solely intended to do – purify air – and does it well in a cost effective manner though it doesn’t do anything else. It would have been nice if it  could also double as a fan but hopefully new versions later on down the line are able to do this. If you need an effective and affordable air filter, this is great value!

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PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value

PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier

The PrismPlus Aura Air Purifier is an affordable, compact and effective air purifier capable of purifying the air of a small room for a modest price. It represents great value, especially for those with respiratory-related health problems and ensures a more pleasant living experience.


Affordable pricing

Sleek and cute design

Excellent HEPA H13 filtration capabilities


Only two available colourways

Needs multiple units to cover larger areas