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ShopeeXperts Programme expands skillsets and opportunities Malaysian entrepreneurs

Becoming an online entrepreneur or seller on Shopee seems like a daunting task with a number of critical skills to learn and master. While making the leap over seems like an arduous task, Shopee is looking to empower Malaysians to become entrepreneurs, master valuable skillsets and grow their businesses on Shopee via their ShopeeXperts Programme.

ShopeeXperts Programme highlights

Among the trainers on the ShopeeXPerts Programme are online home and living businesses Beehaus and Tradehub. In the case of Beehaus, its founders Tee Ying Fui and Felix Lee generously provide free e-commerce training to underprivileged young talents in Banting Selangor to master web hosting and online retail marketing skills while also hiring talents as affiliate partners for livestream marketing to sell Beehaus products on consignment before transitioning into independent sellers on Shopee.

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To date, Beehaus has upskilled approximately 200 people from Banting and offers their products on consignment for those keen to start selling online. At present, Beehaus has 60 affiliates and are continuing their mission of goodwill for those eager to learn.

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For Tradehub, founder Leon Wong guides aspiring entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur in mastering data-driven courses to succeed online. To master the process of selling online, students under his tutelage learn to use data to analyse business insights and translate that into sales conversions. For more on Beehaus, check out their official link here while Tradehub’s official link is here.