Only 12% of Malaysians think they’re wealthy says Hong Leong Bank wealth perception survey on

hong leong bank wealth perception survey hor kwok wai

The latest Hong Leong Bank wealth perception survey found that only 12% of Malaysians consider themselves wealthy along with several other rather interesting facts. The survey was conducted with 1,000 Malaysian respondents between 18-77 years of age and of this, the majority (79%) stated that they do not have an official wealth management plan on…

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You need to watch the ending of this heartwarming new Hong Leong Chinese New Year video

hong leong chinese new year art 2

To celebrate the coming Lunar New Year, Hong Leong bank released their Chinese New Year video and it’s a real tale with one of their longest-standing customers – the Sin Eng Hoe Biscuit Factory who are one of the largest biscuit makers in Malaysia. Premiered at a recent dinner for invited guests, the Hong Leong…

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