Acerpure Pro air purifier top

The Acerpure Pro air purifier lets you literally breathe easier with ability to clean formaldehyde gases and coronaviruses

Most air purifiers designs typically adopt an understated, inoffensive look that attempts to meld in with the decor but the Acerpure Pro that was showcased at Computex 2023 goes entirely in the opposite direction with a looming, monolithic design that pays homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Even the official name of its colourway – Space Metal Black – sounds like a subtle nod to the movie.

Acerpure Pro air purifier front

What is the Acerpure Pro air purifier?

Designed to be as visually distinct as it is effective, the Acerpure Pro is an air purifier that has a DC motor that filters in air through a 4-in-1 HEPA 13 filter that can capture harmful gases, allergens like pollen and particles too.

Air is then passed through an ultraviolet LED that eliminates a host of viruses and bacteria along with a good deal of contaminants in the air to purify its immediate area of nasty smells, bacteria and even coronaviruses. According to Acer, the Acerpure Pro is capable of purging 99.99% of coronaviruses in the air along with 99.9% of bacteria, other viruses and formaldehyde gas too. 

Acerpure Pro air purifier readout

To keep it on task and aware of its immediate surroundings, the Acerpure Pro has a battery of built-in sensors including air quality sensors capable of detecting particles as small as PM1.0 including volatile organic compounds, a formaldehyde sensor to detect traces of the gas as well as a carbon dioxide concentration sensor too. Should carbon dioxide levels in a room get too high, it warns the user with an alarm. 

On paper, one Acerpure Pro is able to clean and purify up to 115 square meters of space which ensures exceptional coverage for almost any sized room in all but the largest houses. Light sleepers will appreciate the fact that it only kicks out a modest 25dB of noise when in operation which is quieter than even the background noise in a library.

The Acerpure Pro is also compatible with the Acerpure Life companion app that allows for its settings to be viewed and controlled on a smartphone. The app also pushes outdoor air pollution warnings should things get dicey outdoors while displaying air quality ratings of its immediate area indoors on demand. In lieu of the app, it also has a set of controls up top and a remote control too.

Acerpure Pro air purifier remote

At present, the Acerpure Pro is only available for sale in Taiwan with an official price tag NT$26,990 which works out to about RM4,050 with change. There’s no official statement as yet that it will be available on our shores but it’s certainly a design worth keeping an eye out for. You can check out the official page on Acer’s Taiwan website though it’s only in Chinese for now.