Acer Computex 2023 cover

Acer Computex 2023 showcase reveals latest laptops and future innovations for a brighter, greener future

Arguably one of the most important technology events in the world and especially for those dealing with computing, Computex has taken place like clockwork year after year in person in Taipei save for a small hiatus during the pandemic which forced it to go online. For 2023, the world’s most important laptop manufacturers are back in force with Acer taking pride of place at Computex 2023 with a massive booth at the show. We had the privilege of being able to check out their pavilion in person – here’s our Acer Computex 2023 showcase where we share what innovations they have to offer!

Acer Computex 2023 Showcase – What’s on show?

Plonked right at the crossroads at the thrumming heart of the entire show at the Nangang Exhibition Centre right opposite its competitors, the Acer Computex 2023 showcase draws the eye of bystanders from almost a mile away thanks to an absolutely massive video wall that resembles the one located at Pavilion mall in downtown Bukit Bintang.

Acer Computex 2023 wall

Imagine a gigantic video wall that spans almost three basketball players in height that stretches across from each end longer than almost two EVs from edge to edge and you have an idea how big it is but it’s only when you get up close that you can admire the sheer brightness, size and immersiveness of it as it looks through a series of beautifully crafted videos showcasing their offerings including their new Predator gaming line-up.

Acer Computex 2023 video wall

Acer Computex 2023 show

The Acer Computex 2023 showcase features vaulting ceilings, neon LED lit pillars and Acer’s latest, most cutting edge tech on full display to the world

With over 1,100 exhibitors and over 3,000 booths, it’s a seriously effective head-turner that draws the eye in from almost anywhere across the showroom floor.

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Assuming you pick your jaw up off the floor, entry to the Acer Computex 2023 showcase is achieved via a side portal into a veritable gaming grotto of sorts replete with strategically placed rocks and plants split among the various exhibits with an entire corner devoted solely to their latest SpatialLabs stereoscopic 3D equipped offerings, a host of their latest Predators including the Predator Triton 16 and Orion X gaming PC, a showcase devoted to their latest eco efforts and more – here’s a quick round-up of the more interesting devices they had on hand at their booth.

@hitechcentury We the Acer booth and explore their massive line-up of tech and concept designs too. The new Swift Edge 16, Predator Triton 16 and Vero Connect W6m mesh router took pride of place at the showcase! What else you’d like to see at Computex 2023! @Acer Official @Predator Gaming Official #acermy #gaming #fyp #taiwan #techtok #computex2023 #malaysia #hitechcentury #acerpredator #swiftedge ♬ original sound – Hitech Century

Acer Swift Edge 16

Words don’t quite do justice to the refreshed Acer Swift Edge 16 that is one of the slimmest and lightest laptops seen in the market. We’ve previously covered its specifications and aspects of its design but gazing upon it in person at the Acer Computex 2023 showcase is another thing entirely.

Acer Computex 2023 swift edge 16

On paper, the Acer Swift Edge 16 is only 12.95mm thin while weighing 1.23kg thanks to liberal use of magnesium alloy in its chassis to save on weight. When held, the Acer Swift Edge and it’s almost waifish thin display looked thinner than a late 21st century fashion magazine though it felt reassuringly sturdy without any flexing. It was also sufficiently light enough to be held one-handed by a particularly intrepid visitor too.

The Acer Swift Edge 16 features a large 16-inch 3.2K OLED display with a tall 16:10 aspect ratio and almost absurdly thin bezels. The display itself looked top notch on account of its 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut reproduction, fast 120Hz refresh rate and the ability to offer up to 500 nits peak brightness.

Acer Computex 2023 swift edge 16 side

Keeping it powered is an AMD Ryzen 7040 series CPU with AMD Radeon graphics as well as Ryzen AI in selected models, up to 32GB LPDDR5 RAM, up to a 2TB SSD as well as next-generation WiFi 7. Even at the Acer Computex 2023 showcase, they haven’t yet mentioned if it will come to Malaysia but it will debut in the US at US$1,300 this coming July. Fingers crossed it makes it to our shores! You can also check out Acer Malaysia’s page here for their current model in service.

Acer Predator Triton 16

When it comes to gaming laptops, every inch of screen real estate matters and in the case of the Acer Predator Triton 16, it makes a world of difference. We laid eyes on its smaller, similarly designed sibling the Predator Triton 14 that has a similar design but a smaller 14-inch display for portability. 

The larger Predator Triton 16 that we saw at the Acer Computex 2023 showcase is just a tad bit larger but has an upsized, larger 16-inch display and the gaming hardware under the hood to take on even the most demanding AAA titles with deft aplomb. The 16-inch WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) pixel display has a swift 240Hz refresh rate, 500 nits of peak brightness,and NVIDIA G-Sync support too.

Acer Computex 2023 predator triton 16

In terms of hardware, the Acer Predator Triton 16 is armed to the teeth. It features a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H processor, up to 32GB DDR5 RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics with 8GB GDDR6 vRAM as well as NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology for silky smooth graphics.

The laptop also packs up to 2TB of M.2 SSD storage in RAID 0 configuration. Keeping it powered is a 99.98WH 4-cell lithium ion battery keeping it juice with up to a rated 8 hours of battery life though playing intensive titles will pare down this estimate by quite a bit.

Acer Connect Vero W6m mesh router

Billed as Acer’s greenest router ever, the Acer Connect Vero W6m has an almost understated design with a roughly hexagonal chassis with a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port and a quarter of 1Gbps Ethernet ports spaced across its body with a quad-core 2GHz ARM Cortex processor running the show paired with 1GB DDR4 RAM and 4GB eMMC storage on board. Connectivity is respectable too with WiFi 6E and Tri-band 2.4GHz/5GHz and 6GHz on offer.

Acer Computex 2023 vero w6m

Where it takes the cake though is that 30% of its chassis is made of PCR plastic which lends it major brownie points for sustainability. Added to this is a unique Eco mode that saves on wasted energy too. At the Acer Computex 2023 showcase, they weren’t able to provide the price yet but we’ll keep you posted once we do.

Acer Computex 2023 vero w6m ports

Here’s a quick hands-on we did of the mesh router…

@hitechcentury Checking out the sleek and green Acer Connect Vero W6m wifi router that can offer fast WiFi 6E and is made of 30% PCR plastic! @Acer Official @Predator Gaming Official #acermy #hitechcentury #fyp #malaysia #taiwan #computex2023 #tech #malaysia ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Acer eKinekt BD 3

While it was mentioned earlier several months ago, the Acer eKinekt BD 3 cycling desktop made an appearance at the Acer Computex 2023 showcase and it looks even better in person. Effectively a stationary bike attached to an adjustable table, the eKinekt BD 3 lets you charge your phone and get some exercise in the bargain.

Acer Computex 2023 ekinekt bd3

Acer Computex 2023 showcase – their unique eKinekt biking desk was on show with the stationary bike able to charge an iPhone in about a couple of hours of pedaling.

Exact details on how much charge you get out of pedalling it weren’t furnished but an Acer representative onsite said that three hours of pedalling should be able to fully charge an iPhone though it still isn’t powerful enough to charge a laptop yet even if you pedal like mad. There’s also no official price tag yet bar its prior US$999 announcement at its original unveiling but it’s nonetheless a brilliant way to burn calories, save some money off the leccy bill and charge your phone in the bargain.