Acerpure Cozy F2 cover

Acerpure Cozy F2 fan offers 16 speeds and two adjustable heights to stay cool in the heat

The annual Computex show in Taiwan typically has entire halls replete with laptops, PCs, components and their associated peripherals. Acer showcased all these and in an interestingly unorthodox move, introduced a Predator e-scooter, a unique Acerpure water purifier and even a teched-up fan called the Acerpure Cozy F2.

What is the Acerpure Cozy F2

As you’d likely surmise, the Acerpure Cozy F2 is the successor to the earlier F1 that had a fixed height which strictly relegated it to a role as a free-standing floor fan.

In the case of the improved Acerpure Cozy F2, they’ve managed to improve on the design by having a removable pole portion in the middle that lets shorten the whole affair to the height of a table fan. Should the need arise, you’re easily able to add back the pole to turn it back into a free-standing floor fan once more. It also has 4 more additional speed settings at 16 speeds over its predecessor’s 12 speed settings.

Acerpure Cozy F2 vs F1

The Acerpure Cozy F2 (right) compared to its predecessor the F1 which was released last year.

What makes the design brilliant is that rather than simply tossing it in a drawer and having it eventually go missing, the Acerpure Cozy F2 has a recess in the rear that lets you park the pole portion so that it’s easily accessible at all times. Acer has also added a handy LED readout in the pole portion for an easier view of its current settings.

New features aside, the Acerpure Cozy F2 has similar performance to its predecessor and uses a powerful DC motor to offer clean, cool air at up to 25 metres with the 16 offered fan speed settings ranging from a languid stirring of air all the way to something that will cause newspapers within range to fly.

Acerpure Cozy F2 tall and short

It also has three possible modes that can manage noise and power levels with an energy efficient Eco mode, a whisper-silent Sleep mode and a breezy Turbo mode. The fan array itself has quite a degree of flexibility to aim left and right at up to 90-degrees as well as up and down with a 90-degree radius. 

Acerpure Cozy F2 led

This kind of functional versatility and performance makes the Acerpure Cozy F2 look like a handy addition to any household, especially those in hotter climes. There’s no word on availability at the moment in Malaysia when we asked Acer but we’ll keep you posted if and when they make this available.