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Cool Acerpure Aqua water purifier at Computex 2023 pipes you clean and drinkable cold or hot water on demand

The Acer Computex 2023 showcase showed more than their customary next generation laptops but also their latest updates in sustainability, e-scooters and, surprisingly, home appliances too like their elegantly simple yet effective Acerpure Aqua water purifier that’s currently available in Taiwan with an eye to being offered in other regions as well in the near future.

While water purifiers typically aren’t something one would consider as classy or cutting edge, the Acerpure Aqua has been refined, pun notwithstanding, with the sensibilities and attention to detail that Acer would typically integrate into their laptop designs and the results are impressive indeed.

What is the Acerpure Aqua water purifier?

At its heart, the Acerpure Aqua is a standalone water purifier that is capable of offering purified reverse osmosis water fortified with hydrogen on demand with the ability to tweak the temperature when dispensing, allowing users to pipe hot water up to 95°C for a cup of coffee or chilled down to 10°C. 

The Acerpure Aqua needs to be plugged in for power to run its water purification process but does not require it to be hooked up to the water mains though you’ll have to regularly top up its reservoir. 

acerpure aqua angled top

Aesthetically speaking, the Acerpure Aqua is a rectangular affair that’s done up in an easy to clean white polycarbonate finish. The rear has a large 6L raw water reservoir with a front 2.7L tank of purified water in the front. The purified water reservoir also has a transparent viewport which lends it an abstract appearance that resembles that of a fish tank of sorts. 

Up top, the Acerpure Aqua has a removable maintenance hatch that allows access to a set of filters that together offers a 4-stage filtration system capable of removing more than 99.9% of bacteria, heavy metals and more than 96.3% of residual chlorine to ensure that the water stored within the front tank is free of viruses, microorganisms or other icky stuff.

acerpure aqua angled top filters

 At Computex 2023, they liberally demonstrated this by pouring in thick black tea in the Acerpure Aqua’s rear raw water holding tank and lo and behold, right up front came a stream of pure, clean and drinkable water with nary the taste of tea. According to the official literature by Acer, the Acerpure Aqua’s purified water up front has been infused with  hydrogen that is claimed to offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

On the front where the dispenser nozzle is, the Acerpure Aqua features a set of touch controls and readouts that allow users to dispense water and also set the temperature of the water with a series of other helpful diagnostics including a real-time water quality monitor. If the interior hardware gets too gunked up with the resulting loss in water quality, the Acerpure Aqua has a smart wash button to clean its internal pipes and filters without the need for direct human intervention beyond pressing the button.

acerpure aqua angled top controls

At present, the Acerpure Aqua is available in Taiwan with at TWD16,900 (about RM2,514) which is pretty decent for a water filter of its caliber.

While there’s not official news yet, Acer is looking to bring the Acerpure Aqua to other regions in the near future. You can also check out the Acerpure Aqua official site though it’s only in Chinese for now. Stay tuned for more Acer news from Computex 2023!