Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter cover

We saw the awesome Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter at Computex 2023 – take our money now!

Granted, e-scooters have been around for awhile in various incarnations and they do appear in limited numbers in Malaysia via specialist dealers or as a last mile rental option by eBeam but when a popular maker of gaming laptops known for absurdly good performance to price ratios decides to make an e-scooter, you know you’re in for something exciting – enter the Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter.

Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter  booth

What is the Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter

Showcased at their separate pavilion away from their Computex 2023 booth where they can demonstrate their more unusual offerings like air purifiers and e-scooters in a larger area, the Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter manages to draw the eye in with its aggressive silhouette and matte black finish amidst its other e-scooter offerings with plain white paint jobs.

Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter  front

Up close, the Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter looks impressive with a steel framework, hefty dual suspension system and hydraulic brake system along with a design that is quoted to offer the power and performance of an off-road bike. In demonstrations, a practiced expert managed to adroitly steer around crowds and bank tight corners without a hitch.

According to Acer, it’s able to tackle stunts like wheelies and jumps too thanks to its robust construction. It’s also quoted to be able to go up to 16-degree gradients. Needless to say, this may be a bit overpowered for a short sprint to the supermarket and back but you’ll certainly be able to do it in style with a surfeit of power to boot.

Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter rear

Controlling speeds is via a selectable thumb toggle on the right handlebar that allows for three speeds with a sedate 6km/h Eco mode, a slightly faster 15km/h standard mode and a maximum 25km/h Sports mode. Running under the hood of the Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter is a 700W motor capable of offering 29 Nm torque while a replaceable 7.5ah/36V lithium-ion battery allows it to go a maximum of 22 km per charge and tote a maximum 100 kg payload at speed. Charging it to full from dead zero requires about 3.5 hours.

Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter toggle

There’s no word on price or availability yet for the Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter as it’s still a concept design and there’s non official word yet if any of Acer’s e-scooters, much less the Predator Extreme will make it to Malaysia but one can hope. For more details check out Acer’s official page here. Stay tuned for more Computex 2023 coverage!

Acer Predator Extreme e-scooter  angled