Far Cry 6 All the Blood cover

Far Cry 6 All the Blood free crossover mission is a loving homage to the Rambo movies

Far Cry 6 has you as a guerrilla out in the jungles of the fictitious jungle paradise of Yara out to stop a tin-pot dictator that suspiciously seems to be helming a fried chicken franchise on the side.

As Dani Rojas, the main campaign of the game has you becoming a one-man (or woman) army to liberate an entire island nation from a dictator played by Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad fame. Naturally, all these lush jungles and hordes of armed bad guys call back to a certain franchise of Stallone movies back in the 80s and to honour that epic legacy, Ubisoft has signed a deal with STUDIOCANAL, the rights holder for Rambo 1, 2 and 3 to bring a special free crossover mission called ‘All the Blood’.

Far Cry 6 All the Blood

What is the Far Cry 6 ‘All the Blood’ DLC mission

Far Cry 6 ‘All the Blood’ is a free DLC mission that lets you meet and help a Rambo superfan against the modestly formidable Yaran military in a ridiculous rampage of destruction that harkens back to the 80’s blockbusters of yore that include iconic moments from all 3 Rambo movies.

Of course, there’s a reward when you finish and you get the infamous Vengeance Bow which uses explosive bolts that are lethal against choppers and armoured or soft skinned vehicles. Once you unlock it, it’ll be free to use permanently in the main campaign.

Far Cry 6 All the Blood rambo all the blood

While the All the Blood mission itself is free to download and play, you can add extra firepower with a paid Rambo Bundle DLC which gives you a slew of Rambo-inspired gear to help you out with which consists of the iconic Rambo tank top, bandana, fatigues, hand wraps, dashboard prop, a chopper, his signature M60 LMG and a weapon charm. All this costs about 1,500 Far Cry Credits which works out to about US$15. You can check out the game trailer for All the Blood below and gawk at all the Rambo callbacks here and check out Far Cry 6 on the official Ubisoft page and buy it here: