Ubisoft Lunar New Year Sale is live on Shopee with up to 68% discounts

Ubisoft Lunar New Year Sale 2023

There’s going to be inevitable bouts of peace and quiet during the coming Chinese New Year holidays where gamers can actually game in peace and the Ubisoft Lunar New Year sale will let you stock up on some of their best games with up to 68% discounts for the likes of Far Cry 6 and…

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Far Cry 6 All the Blood free crossover mission is a loving homage to the Rambo movies

Far Cry 6 All the Blood cover

Far Cry 6 has you as a guerrilla out in the jungles of the fictitious jungle paradise of Yara out to stop a tin-pot dictator that suspiciously seems to be helming a fried chicken franchise on the side. As Dani Rojas, the main campaign of the game has you becoming a one-man (or woman) army…

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Far Cry 6 DLC Pagan Control lets you meet an old friend again

Pagan Control

Out of the entire Far Cry pantheon of villains, Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 was, hands down, one of the most hilarious of them all with a wry wit and droll sense of humour that puts him heads and shoulders above the typical bunch of power hungry warlords, raving lunatics and other less than…

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Time to get cooking with Danny Trejo in free crossover mission in Far Cry 6

danny trejo cover

Far Cry 6 continues in the finest tradition of the franchise that has you playing as one Danny Trejo, a freedom fighter with a taste of apocalyptic pyrotechnics in a quest to liberate his homeland of Yara from the dictator Anton Castillo but things are getting a bit more interesting as Ubisoft has just released…

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Listen to the rich Far Cry 6 soundtrack now for free

Far Cry 6 soundtrack cover

While Ubisoft’s latest sandbox tropical mayhem simulator has yet to arrive, you can tune in and listen to the music behind it as they’ve released the Far Cry 6 soundtrack, crafted by the award-winning Pedro Bromfman for free and easy listening on most major services including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music for your…

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Be the Bad Guy in Far Cry 6 Season Pass revealed at E3 2021

far cry 6 season pass cover

The Ubisoft Forward event at E3 2021 revealed the contents of the season pass for their upcoming game Far Cry 6 that is slated for a 7th October 2021 release date. Unlike prior season passes, the Far Cry 6 Season Pass is straight out from left field as you’ll be playing as the bad guys…

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Far Cry 6 to feature GIancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad and arriving Feb 18 2021

Far Cry 6 to feature GIancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad and arriving Feb 18 2021 1

The Far Cry series have always been milestones for gaming and the latest successor to the franchise, dubbed as Far Cry 6 certainly sets new records as it features one of the most famous faces on the planet as the titular bad guy – Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad fame.   The Far Cry series…

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