Far Cry 6 soundtrack cover

Listen to the rich Far Cry 6 soundtrack now for free

While Ubisoft’s latest sandbox tropical mayhem simulator has yet to arrive, you can tune in and listen to the music behind it as they’ve released the Far Cry 6 soundtrack, crafted by the award-winning Pedro Bromfman for free and easy listening on most major services including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music for your delectation.

The soundtrack consists of 21 dynamic ambient tracks, split across the three major regions in the game with a distinct Caribbean and Latin influence. The Western region of Yara, the island that the game is set in, features acoustic melodies. The Central region features more urban music and hip-hop elements while the Eastern region has a heavy mix of industrial-themed music.

You can see the inspiration in creating the Far Cry 6 soundtrack in this video below:

In addition to the ambient music, the game features a main theme called Libertad that is a somewhat moodier track that seems acoustically more aligned with the Far Cry series’ roots with a driving action feel to the melody. You can check it out below

Far Cry 6 will release worldwide on all major platforms on October 7 2021 including the PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X| S and Xbox One.

You can listen to the Far Cry 6 soundtrack on your service of choice here:


Far Cry 6 soundtrack