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9 Stunning Ways That the HONOR Pad X9 tablet is the ideal budget tablet to buy at RM1,099

Budget tablets are frequently compromises in build quality, features and performance but the new HONOR Pad X9 hits a sweet spot with a premium metal chassis, a host of features typically found on higher end tablets including 4G LTE connectivity and even a free Smart Bluetooth keyboard that turns it into a portable productivity platform that costs just RM1,099

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With a compact form factor and an affordable price point, the HONOR Pad X9 is perfect for students as well as those seeking a capable budget tablet. This is just scratching the surface of what the HONOR Pad X9 has to offer – here’s 9 stunning ways that the HONOR pad X9 is the ideal budget tablet to buy at RM1,099 in Malaysia!

Large 11.5-inch 2K Eye Comfort LCD display with 120Hz refresh rate 

Belying its modest price tag, the HONOR Pad X9 features a high quality 11.5-inch IPS LCD Eye Comfort display with slim bezels, a crisp 2K (2,000 x 1,200 pixels) resolution and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

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To ensure comfortable viewing under all light conditions, the HONOR Pad X9 can go to as low as 2 nits for indoors reading at night all the way to 400 nits peak brightness for outdoors viewing while the Eye Comfort technology ensures reduced harmful blue light emissions to minimise eye discomfort when in use.

Full 4G LTE Connectivity

The HONOR Pad X9 supports 4G LTE connectivity via a nano SIM card tray, allowing for users to enjoy remote working scenarios without having to fight for a slow WiFi connection in crowded coffee shops, classes or other venues.

With a 4G LTE data connection, mobile workers and students can work almost anywhere and everywhere on the go with fast downloads and smooth streaming for video calls and even watching movies and gaming too after work or classes are done at the end of the day.

Runs Android 13 with full Google Play store

The HONOR Pad X9 runs the latest Android 13 with full access to all the apps in the Google Play Store including popular ones like Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Classroom and more to offer superior productivity options.

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As an offline alternative, the tablet also comes preinstalled with the WPS Office suite that can handle documents, spreadsheets and more. Overlaying Android 13 is HONOR’s own Magic OS 7.1 that is capable of offering superior multitasking capabilities with the option to have up to 3 apps running simultaneously onscreen.

Free Smart Bluetooth Keyboard 

The HONOR Pad X9 is an exemplary budget tablet on its own but combined with its free Smart Bluetooth Keyboard Case that’s worth RM299, it enables users to write documents and homework, process emails, manage spreadsheets and more on the go in a form factor smaller than a sheet of A4 paper. 

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Featuring a 1.6mm high key stroke for superb typing comfort and an ergonomic 5-row key design that optimises the typing experience, the Smart Bluetooth Keyboard case turns the HONOR Pad X9 into a fantastic productivity platform that’s ideal for students and value-seeking owners alike. You’re even able to pair up the HONOR Pad X9 with other Bluetooth accessories like a wireless mouse to turn it into a compact laptop alternative.

Six speaker array with Histen Sound technology for richer sound

Having great sound when watching movies on a tablet can truly elevate the experience in more ways than one though many budget tablets typically leave speaker quality as an afterthought.

Fortunately, the HONOR Pad X9 doesn’t skimp on sound and features their own Honor Histen sound system that ensures  every note sounds crisp and clear paired with six speakers evenly spaced across its sides and base to deliver richer sound, more vivid sound staging and detail.

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Great for video calls with front and rear cameras

Video calls are a necessary part of modern working life and for students to keep abreast of their online courses though many end up doing so on their smartphones which makes for an awkward experience since propping up a phone properly while taking notes requires the skill of an Olympic acrobatic gymnast. 

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Fortunately, the HONOR Pad X9 is superb for video calls as it hosts a front-facing 5MP camera that’s ideally positioned when used with the Smart Bluetooth Keyboard case for extended video conferences on Zoom, MSTeams and more as well as a rear-facing 5MP camera. The tablet also features the HONOR Vocal Enhancement Algorithm to ensure voices are louder and clearer too during video calls. 

Large 7,250mAh battery with free charger

The HONOR Pad X9 makes remote working a cinch with its large 7,250mAh lithium-polymer battery that’s enough to go through a full day of classes or a day in the office without the need to recharge.

When you need to top up your battery at the end of the day, the HONOR Pad X9 also has a free 20W charger included that lets you charge your tablet on the go anytime anywhere making it a compact mobile work setup that fits even into a handbag.

7GB RAM with 128GB storage and microSD slot

To allow for efficient multitasking and fast app switching, the HONOR Pad X9 comes with a solid Qualcomm Snapdragon 685 processor paired with 4GB RAM as well as an additional 3GB RAM Turbo virtual RAM assigned off the onboard 128GB of storage for a total of 7GB RAM to tackle most general productivity tasks and even light gaming too.

For additional storage, the tablet also hosts a microSD card slot with support for up to 1TB cards, allowing users to expand storage as needed for homework, memorable photos, documents and more as needed.

Stylishly slim and lightweight metal chassis for all day carry

The HONOR Pad X9 doesn’t compromise on build quality and features a metal chassis finished in a stylish fingerprint-resistant shade of Space Grey. Both slim, sleek and elegant, the chassis hosts rounded corners and is just 6.9mm thin while weighing just 499g, making it extremely light and portable for all day carry.

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Where to buy the HONOR Pad X9 in Malaysia

The HONOR Pad X9 with 7GB RAM (4GB RAM + 3GB RAM Turbo) and 128GB of storage with 4G LTE as well as a free Smart Bluetooth Keyboard is available nationwide at all HONOR Experience stores, authorised dealers and the HiHonor online store for just RM1,099. It is also available from RM91.58 per month (12 months) with 0% interest free instalments. 

For more details on the HONOR Pad X9 check out HONOR Malaysia’s official page at https://www.hihonor.com/my/tablets/honor-pad-x9/

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