New OMEGA Summer Blue collection offers exquisite timepieces for discerning collectors

omega summer blue collection ultra deep worn

OMEGA is one of the most iconic brands for timepieces on the planet and their relentless pursuit of quality and innovation has resulted in a host of horological milestones such as their Seamaster series timepieces that have become highly sought after collectibles and their Ultra Deep watch that survived a dive to the Mariana Trench,…

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Vividly vibrant OMEGA Aqua Terra Shades timepieces debut in Malaysia

OMEGA Aqua Terra Shades aqua terra A

In a gala event at the OMEGA Boutique in Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur, the brand launched their vibrant Aqua Terra Shades timepiece collection which consists of ten unique hued dials along with two variants crafted in 18K gold that adds a luxurious touch to these exclusive timepieces. OMEGA Aqua Terra Shades 34mm and 38mm –…

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Chic Bell & Ross BR-X5 Carbon Orange, Ice Blue Steel and Black Steel now in Malaysia from RM29,500

bell ross br-x5 carbon orange timepieces

Time is an ephemeral thing that lends structure and a sense of progression through our lives. Only a proper timepiece is able to take the full measure of it by acting as a reliable touchstone as we navigate the tides of fate and fortune which is what the new Bell & Ross BR-X5 Carbon Orange…

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The new Gorilla Fastback Thunderbolt sounds like a sports car and only 99 exist

Gorilla Fastback Thunderbolt cover

The Gorilla Fastback Thunderbolt Chronograph is the first chronograph complication in Gorilla’s line-up with a name akin to a sports car though it fortunately costs much less than one. What is the Gorilla Fastback Thunderbolt Made in collaboration with independent Vallée de Joux manufacturer Dubois Dépra, the Gorilla Fastback Thunderbolt is a wonderful example of…

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Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition AMG is a breathtaking example of watchmaking indeed

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition AMG front hero

Mercedes-AMG and renowned watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen have teamed up to create the unique Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition AMG which was unveiled during a webcast between Christoph Grainger-Herr, IWC CEO and Philipp Scheiemer, Mercedes-AMG CEO as well as Maro Engel, shared brand ambassador and racing driver. “The partnership between Mercedes-AMG and IWC has all the components…

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Stylish SevenFriday P3C/09 Orange Carbon now available at Red Army Watches

SevenFriday P3C/09 Orange Carbon box

The new SevenFriday P3C/09 Orange Carbon is now available in Malaysia and joins its sibling the P3C/04 Red Carbon that was released sometime last year. As you’d surmise from its name, the SevenFridayP3C/09 Orange Carbon features a distinctive orange line around the bezel, tastefully emblazoned on the dial and embellished along with the distinctive 7F…

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Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Golden Heritage harkens back to a beautiful golden age of timepieces

BR 03-92 Golden Heritage cover

Bell & Ross has always had strong roots in military aviation and their latest BR 03-92 Golden Heritage pays tribute to that rich tradition while incorporating their latest tech. As the latest addition to their Heritage collection, the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Golden Heritage bears a distinctive retro military aesthetic with the brand’s iconic…

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Bell & Ross reveal BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze for stylishly deep dives 

BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze cover

Renowned timepiece maker Bell & Ross is typically associated with crafting a host of military themed timepieces but they also have an excellent line of timepieces for divers with their Diver Bronze range with their BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze being the latest to make its way to our shores. The BR 03-92 Diver Red…

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Laco Augsburg Olive 42 timepieces redefine military chic

Laco Augsburg Olive 42 box shot

If you’re looking for a military inspired smartwatch, you’ll likely conjure up something that grognards will likely call as ‘tacticool’ with night black camo, angular edges and something that won’t look out of place in a last 20th Century action movie. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more timeless looking while still retaining…

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This exclusive Bell & Ross BR 05 Skeleton Gold Blue watch looks absolutely amazing

BR 05 Skeleton Gold Blue angled

Exclusivity is the name of the game and Bell & Ross is making a unique variant of one of their latest BR05 timepieces as unique as it gets as only one example exists on the planet. The BR 05 Skeleton Gold Blue isn’t exactly available for sale either as it was created as a one-off…

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