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Samsung Galaxy AI will now translate Cantonese, Dutch, Swedish and more

One of the most powerful features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and its powerful Galaxy AI is its ability to offer both written and live voice translations in 13 languages.

Now, they’ve further expanded its array of supported languages to now include Arabic, Indonesian and Russian along with three new dialects which are Cantonese, Australian English and Canadian French. Later on in the year, Samsung will add four additional languages which are Romanian, Turkish, Dutch and Swedish along with two additional dialects which are traditional Chinese and European Portuguese.

Samsung Galaxy AI expands

At present, Galaxy AI is able to recognise Mandarin Chinese, English in UK, US and Indian accents, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish in Mexico, Spain and US accents, Thai and Vietnamese. The addition of Cantonese, Aussie English, Canadian French dialects as well as Arabic, Indonesian and Russian means that Galaxy AI and by extension the Galaxy series phones that support it have become even more capable than ever before. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Galaxy AI

At present, at least in Malaysia, the Galaxy S23 series and the Galaxy Z Fold5 have just gotten their latest updates that have enabled Galaxy AI on the phones and likely other older models down the line will get it in some capacity.

With the new languages and dialects in Galaxy AI, users can enjoy two-way Live Translations of phone calls in different languages, enjoy live translations in Interpreter mode, transcribe and summarise voice recordings and generate summaries of text in Samsung Notes and more.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra translation

The new Galaxy AI update will start this month and will roll out over the coming months as an optional language pack in the Settings app of the Galaxy S24 series phones. To purchase the Galaxy S24 Ultra, check out their official page at

To purchase the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, check out the official page at