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Samsung Galaxy S24 series to get an awesome 7 years OS and security updates

This is certainly a year for surprises and Samsung has beaten the competition to the punch with a set of unprecedented update policies for their latest flagship phones. At Galaxy Unpacked 2024, Samsung officially announced that they will be supporting the newly launched Galaxy S24 series with a whopping 7 years of OS and security updates.

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will enjoy 7 years of security and OS updates

How long is the Samsung Galaxy S24 series OS and security update policy?

To put things into perspective, the new Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra which currently run Android 14 and OneUI 6.1 will enjoy updates all the way to 2031 and will ultimately be able to get Android 21 down the line. This is also counting the regular security updates that are typically pushed to Samsung devices every few months. 

By extending OS and security updates for the Galaxy S24 series to a full 7 years, Samsung is also putting the proverbial money where their mouth is for their sustainability efforts as it enables their devices to last much longer in service, effectively extending the Galaxy S24 series’ lifecycle and, based on their global announcement, ‘help users reliably experience the optimised performance of their Galaxy devices for even longer’.

This massive extension to the update policy for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series makes owning one even more sense especially for those who have yet to update their phones and who own an older generation Samsung phone.

Prior to this, Samsung offered a generous 4 years of OS and 5 years of security updates starting with the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series back in early 2022 and which was also extended to the Galaxy S23 series from last year. 

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By offering a full 7 years of OS and security updates for the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has managed to match the Google Pixel 8’s update policy though this particular phone isn’t officially available in our neck of the woods. By and large, the competition is playing catch up with several offering a 4 years of OS and 5 years of security updates for selected devices in their respective product portfolios.

At present, only the Galaxy S24 series in Samsung’s current line-up of devices enjoy this 7-year OS and security update policy and there’s no word thus far if this policy will be extended to any of their older devices though there is a much greater likelihood for this to be extended to upcoming products later in the year like their next generation foldables and possibly their next generation Galaxy A series workhorse phones. 

If you’re contemplating acquiring the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in Malaysia, you can check out our Galaxy S24 first look here, our Galaxy S24+ first look here and our Galaxy S24 Ultra first look here. You can also check out what their Galaxy AI can do in our feature here and find out details about the Galaxy S24 series Malaysia preorder here.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Malaysia launch

At Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 and at the local Malaysia launch, Samsung affirmed that the new Galaxy S24 series will have 7 years of OS and security upates.

You can also preorder the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ on the official Samsung online store here and the Galaxy S24 Ultra on the official Samsung online store here.

Preorders in Malaysia are ongoing from now until 6th Feb 2024 which comprises a generous free storage upgrade worth RM500, an RM500 e-voucher, up to 45% on selected Galaxy devices and accessories, up to RM450 off in trade-in rebates and up to 30% off Samsung Care+ too.