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Get the winning advantage: here’s how the epic Samsung Galaxy S23 series lets you dominate the game

Mobile gaming is serious business. When mere seconds and a moment of lag can separate you from scoring a chicken dinner to being just second best in an online match in PUBG Mobile and League of Legends, you’ll need a smartphone with the performance, the speed and power to match your skills if you aim to become the MVP. 

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series embodies these qualities in every aspect of its design and more. Consisting of the compact Galaxy S23, the Goldilocks-sized Galaxy S23+ and the top of the line Galaxy S23 Ultra, the new Galaxy S23 series is as powerful as it is stylish, allowing it to dominate the competition.

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Along with cutting edge hardware, blazing fast 5G connectivity and exceptional battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series also has an industry-leading 4 years of Android updates and 5 years of security updates. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of why it’s one of the most desirable gaming smartphones in Malaysia. Find out more on how the Samsung Galaxy S23 series can give you the winning edge in mobile gaming!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series – Dominate the Competition with Faster and Smoother Gaming Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series from the compact Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ all the way to the Galaxy S23 Ultra are all powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset that is currently the fastest Snapdragon processor currently available in the market today and the most efficient and powerful processor ever integrated into a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. 

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset features a redesigned and more efficient architecture that enhances performance by 30% compared to last year’s Galaxy S22 series. In order to handle the increased power of the new chipset, the Galaxy S23 series also has much larger vapour chambers to more efficiently vent heat away from the chipset for longer, smoother gaming sessions. 

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Compared to their Galaxy S22 predecessors, the Galaxy S23 series have large vapour chambers on every model. The Galaxy S23 has a 1.3x larger vapour chamber compared to the S22 while the Galaxy S23+ has a 2.7x larger vapour chamber compared to last year’s Galaxy S22+. The top of the line Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 2.1x larger vapour chamber -that’s more than double- compared to last year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. The end result? Longer, better gaming sessions with fluid graphics and fantastic performance even in the most demanding games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Rail Star, PUBG Mobile and more. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series – Intelligent, brighter and more vivid displays for immersive gaming

If seeing is believing, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series with its Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays takes the cake with jaw-dropping visuals, silky smooth refresh rates and crisp detail. WIth responsive 240Hz Touch Sampling in Game mode along with an incredibly smooth 120Hz refresh rate, the Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays let you get the drop on the competition with response times as fast as your reflexes.

In addition to outstanding visual quality and refresh rates that make gaming as well as movies a fantastic delight, the Galaxy S23 series and its Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays also feature improved adaptive Vision Booster technology that can automatically adjust screen colour and contrast to one of three levels based on ambient light conditions to ensure outstanding screen visibility even under direct sunlight.

The centrepiece of the Galaxy S23 series, the innovative Dynamic AMOLED 2X display is a front-facing light sensor that automatically detects ambient light conditions and adjusts screen brightness. At 50,000 lux which is under direct sunlight, the screen dials up to maximum brightness while at about 10,000 lux which is about cloudy outdoors conditions, it adjusts brightness to still be comfortable without inducing eyestrain. When indoors or in dim areas that are under 5,000 lux, it adjusts brightness to retain viewability without being overly glaring.

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To ensure comfortable viewing even with extended gaming sessions, the Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays have a unique Eye Comfort Shield mode that limits harmful blue light, adjusts text to grayscale fonts for easier reading and, depending on the time of day, gradually uses warmer colours to make the screen more comfortable to view. 

For those who want a highly compact gaming phone, the Galaxy S23 with its 6.1-inch FHD+ display is perfect. Those who need more screen real estate will love the 6.6-inch FHD+ display of the Galaxy S23+. For those who need a no-compromises viewing experience, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 6.8-inch QHD+ resolution display offers stunning visuals that take gaming to new heights of immersion.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series – Epic Battery Life for Worry-Free Gaming

Great gaming phones aren’t measured solely by their performance and the quality of their displays but also by their battery life. In that regard, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series has it where it counts with larger sized batteries. That’s not all as the power efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor combined with a host of battery life management options in Samsung’s own OneUI 5.1 interface allow for gamers to enjoy extended gaming sessions like a champ. The Galaxy S23 features a 3,900mAh battery(200mAh larger vs S22) while the Galaxy 23+ has a bigger 4,700mAh (200mAh larger vs S22+). The Galaxy S23 Ultra maxes out at 5,000mAh battery.

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Need to recharge and get back in the game? The Galaxy S23 series supports Super Fast Charging tech with the Galaxy S23 able to get a fast 25W wired charging speeds while the Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra enjoy Super Fast Charging 2.0 for blazing fast 45W wired charging.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series – Availability and Father’s Day Promotion

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is available nationwide in Malaysia. To celebrate Father’s Day, for a limited time only until 30th June 2023, customers who purchase their Galaxy S23 series phone on the Samsung online store get a free double storage upgrade along with a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds.

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In essence, you get double the base storage for free whichever model of Galaxy S23 series phone you buy which means huge savings. If you get the 256GB storage variant of the Galaxy S23 Ultra during the promotion, you get the 512GB version and if you get the 512GB variant, you’ll get upgraded to the 1TB version. Getting the base 128GB variant of the Galaxy S23 automatically nets you the 256GB version while scoring the Galaxy S23+ 256GB version upgrades you at no charge to the 512GB version. If you’re on the fence, check out our reviews of the Galaxy S23 here, the Galaxy S23+ here and the Galaxy S23 Ultra here.

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