Samsung unfoldyourworld

Amazing Samsung #UnfoldYourWorld Day takes Kuala Lumpur by Storm

Ask anyone on the street about a smartphone brand and Samsung will likely be tops on the list on top of being one of the most renowned purveyors of TVs and appliances but beyond the distinctive jingle and their logo emblazoning a slew of things that we use in our daily lives, most don’t have a mental image of the heart and soul of the company – its employees.

To address that, Samsung Malaysia Electronics kicked off an innovative #UnfoldYourWorld outreach day to meet the most important people crucial to their success – their customers.

What is Samsung #UnfoldYourWorld Day

‘’When Samsung first launched the highly celebrated Galaxy Z Series foldable smartphones, we opened up a whole new mobile category and experience engineered for a new era. In order to continue delivering the most personalised user experience, Samsung remains committed to putting customer needs and desires at the heart of every product,” Edward Han, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics said.

In directly connecting with existing and future Samsung mobile phone users at our experience stores, we aim to #UnfoldYourWorld to a whole new era of foldable smartphones by sharing the full breadth and depth of the Galaxy ecosystem, in addition to gathering consumer feedback to help improve the way we do business,” he added.

samsung unfoldyourworld meet greet 1

Ranging from their top management teams all the way to their frontline staff, the #UnfoldYourWorld Day programme saw over 300 Samsung Malaysia Electronics going to ground and visiting over 300 Samsung Electronics Stores in 230 locations across the Klang Valley in the new signature livery for the latest generation Galaxy Z series – a pastel shade of Bora Purple.

For a single day the buses, malls, LRT, MRT and almost everywhere else in the Klang Valley saw Bora Purple clad Samsung Malaysia Electronics employees talking shop and gaining valuable feedback from customers at their retail locations across the Klang Valley.

Today, we got to hear about the many lives we have enhanced through inclusive ecosystem and an unmatched multi-devices experience. There is no greater reward than to learn how these innovations are fulfilling customers with smarter, healthier and better connected lives,” says KM Liew, Head of Mobile eXperience at Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “We are thrilled to see that the passion and love for the brand has only grown stronger and look forward to welcoming future Samsung customers into our Galaxy of devices. We would also like to thank all Malaysians who have kept us as one the world’s leading tech companies with their unending devotion and support.’’

samsung unfoldyourworld meet 2

In the meantime, you can check out the new Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy z Fold4 #Flextival roadshows that are taking place at selected locations in Malaysia and if you purchase the aforementioned foldables, you can get sweet trade-in promotions as low as RM1,969 along with a slew of free gifts too. For more details on these special Galaxy Z series promotions check out Samsung’s official page at