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Here’s why the financial industry is loving the enterprise-optimised Galaxy Z Fold4

Launched earlier in August this year, the enterprise-optimised Galaxy Z Fold4 alongside its more stylish sibling the Galaxy Z Flip4 are Samsung’s premier foldables for 2022. While we’ve put the Galaxy Z Fold4 through its paces and discovered its potential as an ideal phone for power users, Samsung discovered that a select demographic have found it to be the ultimate phone for their particular industry. This is on top of a global increase in demand for foldable smartphones for enterprise customers.

According to Co, from January to October 2022, the number of enterprise customers who use foldable smartphones increased by a whopping 105% compared to the same period in 2021. According to a study by Counterpoint, shipments are expected to grow to 26 million units for foldables in 2023 with a year-on-year increase by 73%.

enterprise-optimised Galaxy Z Fold4 Enterprise Foldable_2 (1)

To date, there are few contenders in the foldable smartphone market with Samsung taking the clear lead. Outliers exist but as for mainstream mass product foldable smartphones for enterprise customers, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is currently the only game in town. Oddly enough, the study uncovered that the financial services industry love the Galaxy Z Fold4 to bits, with 74% of a sample group of financial advisors 

Why is the financial industry loving the enterprise-optimised Galaxy Z Fold4?

Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones were created to open up opportunities for new ways to work and explore creativity,” said KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “This rapid growth in investment demonstrates our enterprise customers’ need for meaningful innovations to enhance workforce productivity.”

It’s not hard to see why the Galaxy Z Fold4 has become the de facto phone for financial services industry practitioners. With a large foldable primary display that is as large as a tablet and – when folded down- a form factor akin to a conventional phone albeit slightly chunkier, the Galaxy Z Fold4 also has some of the best hardware available with the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor running under the hood with a camera array akin to the powerful Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 cover

It even has an optional stylus too for annotating and signing documents. That’s not all, it also has an innovative Flex mode that lets you prop the Fold4 halfway up so that you can use the rear camera or the front for video calls, making it a veritable Swiss Army knife of a phone.

It’s not just hardware though and it’s the whole software experience that grants the phone a unique edge as Samsung has collaborated with apps used by financial services practitioners and optimised them for the Galaxy Z Fold4 to ensure that they’re able to maintain performance, consistency and routine even when on the move.

Enterprise-optimised Galaxy Z Fold4 -Optimised functionality with the Bloomberg Professional App

For traders, analysts and portfolio managers,the enterprise-optimised Galaxy Z Fold4 is the foldable phone of choice as it allows the Bloomberg Professional app to perform at its fullest potential on a mobile platform.

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The special form factor of the Galaxy Z Fold4 in tandem with the Blomberg Professional app’s adaptive layout  enables financial professionals to efficiently multitask on the go to see market data, analytics and news in while allowing for Instant Bloomberg (IB) conversations to get all their work done in a phone that’s just 6.3mm thin when unfolded.

Enterprise-optimised Galaxy Z Fold4 – Efficient e-signatures with DocuSign

Signing paperwork is part and parcel of the financial industry and out of the plethora of apps available, DocuSign is the de facto choice with 24 out of the top 25 Fortune 500 Financial companies using it.

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With the enterprise optimised Galaxy Z Fold4 and DocuSign, users can peruse documents within pinch zooming back and forth and then sign via the optional S Pen stylus and drop email attachments in multi-view mode directly into DocuSign.

Enterprise-optimised Galaxy Z Fold4 – Powerful DeX mode offers a PC experience in a pocket

The Galaxy Z Fold4’s provided DeX mode also allows for an ersatz PC experience complete with a virtual desktop and file management on the go by simply hooking the phone up via HDMI or via MiraCast to a compatible display. 

To ensure a superior experience for financial professionals, Samsung collaborated with IBM to tackle the potential challenges that financial professionals may face in mobile working scenarios for finance related apps.

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To that end, IBM iX, the experience design arm in IBM Consulting teamed up with a leading financial institution to ensure that Samsung DeX and the S Pen as well as the integration of other applications for video conferencing, email, scheduling and multitasking thereof are all seamlessly connected and effective on the full desktop-like environment in DeX mode.

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