Gran Turismo 7 Grand Launch (4)

Check out the glorious Gran Turismo 7 Grand Launch in Singapore

For console racing aficionados, the Gran Turismo series is the gold standard when it comes to racing simulators of choice and their latest offering in the series, Gran Turismo 7 is now available across the globe starting from 4th March 2022 as an exclusive for the PS4 and PS5. To kick off their official debut and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series, Sony Interactive is celebrating in style with a Gran Turismo 7 Grand Launch taking place in Singapore.

While crossing the border is a bit of a royal pain at the moment, you can enjoy the moment vicariously via their release video where they turned the ABM Ten Square building in Singapore into a virtual car vending machine where 15 real examples supercars that gamers are able to drive in the game were stacked vertically and then selectable via a sophisticated lift style to test drive in the game. You can check out the video below to see the sheer size, scale and scope of this impressive launch experience.

As part of the Gran Turismo 7 Grand Launch, they’ve also roped in superstar Aaron Kwok to share his love of the game as well as a host of automotive and motorsport worthies including Bobby Tonelli (Singapore), Claire Jedrek (Singapore), Jazeman Jaafar (Malaysia), IP Chin (Malaysia), Marlon Stockinger (the Philippines) and Pete Thongchua (Thailand) who all shared their loved for motorsports. You can check out the official shots below. 

For more details on Gran Turismo 7 and to purchase the game for the PS4 and PS5, check out their official page at

Gran Turismo 7 Grand Launch tower

The Gran Turismo 7 Grand Launch in Singapore saw ABM Ten Square converted into a live car vending machine with examples of selectable cars from Gran Turismo 7. Definitely one of the most jaw-dropping launches ever seen in recent history. [Image Aloysius Lim]

Gran Turismo 7 Grand Launch closeup

In case you’re in doubt, here’s a close-up to show it isn’t CG – each of those cars is a live working production model that can be driven in Gran Turismo 7. [Image Aloysius Lim]