Huawei smartwatch 2022 asian games launch 2023

Winning Malaysian athletes at 2022 Asian Games and Asian Para Games to get upcoming mystery Huawei smartwatch

New technologies always pique our interest and most of it is typically gleaned from leaks and press briefings but the latest titbit about Huawei’s new device launch appears at an unusual event.

According to an official statement from Huawei, the winners of the 2022 Asian Games and 2022 Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China will each be given an as yet unreleased Huawei smartwatch to recognise their contributions to the sport.

Astute readers will likely wonder at the odd date reference to the Asian Games and Asian Games but rest assured, it’s not a temporal anomaly – it’s merely a backlog of sorts as the sporting event was temporarily closed on account of the pandemic and is resuming again as China reopens its borders to the world. 

What do we know about this unreleased Huawei smartwatch?

What is confirmed is that the Huawei smartwatch that will be awarded to the Malaysian Asian Games and Asian Para Games contingent is an as yet unreleased model and that it will be unveiled tonight in a global release at Huawei’s grand launch in Barcelona, Spain on 14th September 2023 at 9.30PM MYT.

Details are scant but a teaser shows two bezels, one of which looks like a chronograph done up in steel with khaki highlights and a more elegant looking rounded dial.

Huawei smartwatch barcelona launch 2023

An official statement has also added several hints as to the capabilities of this new smartwatch and that it features ‘cutting edge applications in health, fitness and sports management for users and is a culmination of a 10-year journey for the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices’.

To wit, the first Huawei Watch smartwatch debuted in 2014, which means Huawei has been in the smartwatch game for close to a decade.

While details are scant as are official images of the as yet unreleased Huawei smartwatch, the new smartwatches were sponsored by the Huawei and conferred to the Malaysian contingent on 11th September a few days ago during the flag handing ceremony at the National Sports Council Banquet Hall in Malaysia by Youth and Sports Minister YB Hannah Yeoh. “We hope this will be the start of many more meaningful collaborations and support from Huawei to assist us especially in exploring technology assistance to further elevate the performance of our national athletes,” said YB Hannah Yeoh.

We’ll keep you posted the moment we get more details of this as yet unreleased Huawei smartwatch. An official image was also released but there’s no sight of the new smartwatches on anyone’s wrists in the image. 

Huawei smartwatch 2022 asian games launch 2023

In the meantime, you can tune in Huawei’s Facebook page for more details.