LG CordZero cordless vacuums now in Malaysia from RM2,299 1

LG CordZero cordless vacuums now in Malaysia from RM2,299

Homeowners looking for a cordless vacuum that is both stylish and powerful will appreciate what the new LG CordZero cordless vacuum series has to offer as the series incorporates a sleek cordless form factor that offers long battery life, easy cleaning and dust disposal as well as high performance.

LG CordZero cordless vacuums launch

What are the LG CordZero vacuums

In terms of design the LG CordZero All-in-One cordless vacuum series comprises five variants that differ in terms of capability culminating in the top of the line LG CordZero A9T Max, the A9T Core, the A9K Ultra that is available from selected retailers, the A9K Max and the entry-level A9N Lite. 

LG CordZero cordless vacuums specs

Common across all design is the use of LG’s Smart Inverter Motor and Axial Turbo Cyclone technology for fast and efficient suction power. The top of the line LG CordZero All-in-One A9T Max and A9T Core both feature an integrated tower housing that not only stores the vacuum in a neat fashion but also charges the vacuum and also helps to effortlessly and hygienically remove dust from the vacuum itself for easier disposal later in convenient dust bags. The tower itself also has a built-in sterilising UVC LED light that inhibits bacterial growth and a five-step filter that can filter out 99.99% of dust and potential allergens. 

LG CordZero cordless vacuums variants

Of note with the LG CordZero cordless vacuums are that they offer up to an hour of usage with the option for swappable batteries so you can enjoy an uninterrupted cleaning experience beyond the one hour mark . The mainline A9K Ultra, A9K Max and A9N Lite models do not feature a tower housing and have slightly different form factors and sizes to cater to different household sizes and cleaning needs. 

In terms of pricing, the LG CordZero A9T Max retails for RM4,999, the A9T Core for RM4,499, the A9K Ultra for RM4,199, the A9K Max for RM3,699 and the A9N Lite for RM2,299 with all of them available nationwide. For more details on the new LG CordZero cordless vacuum series and other LG products, check out their official page at https://www.lg.com/my