Razer and Panerai team up with Conservation International cover

Razer and Panerai team up with Conservation International for manta ray conservation

Razer and watch brand Panerai have teamed up with environmental nonprofit organisation Conservation International to support marine species research with an emphasis on manta rays.

The new Conservation International collaboration will be led by marine conservationist Dr. Mark Erdmann and will involve tagging manta rays and collecting temperature, depth and location data along with a host of other environmental data to understand more about these gentle creatures of the deep, their life cycleand their environment.

Razer and Panerai team up with Conservation International

Photo credit: Conservation International/MV Erdmann

This initiative also contributes to the ‘Panerai Ocean Conservation Initiative’ mission that was developed in partnership IOC-UNESCO that aims to educate students in 100 universities across the globe how a luxury brand like Panerai can be a force for good by educating them on the importance of the ocean to our environment.

The objective of ocean preservation is an indispensable consideration in all that we do, in the manufacture and beyond. Our partnership with Razer and Conservation International is no exception, and it demonstrates our 360-degree approach to improving the marine environment. The project convincingly shows that safeguarding ocean wildlife isn’t a zero-sum game. Instead, protecting the manta supports a healthy ecosystem, including the people who are part of it,” says Jean Marc Pontroué, CEO at Panerai. 

“Sustainability has become an important part of everything we do, weaving throughout our entire ecosystem,“ says Patricia Liu, Chief of Staff at Razer. “With the incredible support of our passionate community, we’ve already achieved some great milestones, like saving a million trees in partnership with CI. Now that we have joined forces with Panerai, we are dedicating our efforts towards ocean conservation and are happy to be partnering with CI once again, this time in support of their manta tagging program.

The Conservation International collaboration isn’t the first time that Razer has championed environmentally positive programmes and their ongoing #GoGreenWithRazer initiative is also making significant grounds in making the world a better place. For more on Panerai check out their official page here.