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Here’s why the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators are Perfect for Growing Families

The refrigerator as we know it today is the very cornerstone of modern living, allowing us to keep food fresher for longer and allowing us more time to pursue other endeavours that we enjoy but the design of a normal refrigerator means that it isn’t very adaptable if life throws a curveball; if you need more space or want it in a specific colour, you’re out of luck unless you buy a larger model assuming that it does have the colourway you want.

A standard fridge may often be too small or too large for our needs and its very nature does not allow it to grow with our needs. Following the fullness of time, our life circumstances often change and our needs will grow as we get a family or already have a large one. Enter the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators.

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Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators feature an innovative modular system that lets you add additional modules as life circumstances change, making them ideal for growing families as you can get add additional modules to enjoy more storage space

Unlike a conventional refrigerator, Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators are customisable with your choice of three colourways on ordering and are modular with the ability to expand and upgrade it with up to three additional Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators side by side to offer exceptional storage capacity and a bespoke look that is uniquely yours. Here’s why the new Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators are perfect for growing families.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator – Modular Design That Fits Your Needs

Befitting their name, the Samsung Bespoke refrigerators are highly customisable with the ability to adapt to your lifestyle needs. Unlike a conventional refrigerator design which may be too big or too small for your needs and which cannot be modified after acquiring it, the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator has a modular design that allows you to add additional modules to form a larger refrigerator. 

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The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators can be installed in kitchen-fit or counter-style to suit any kitchen setup

Whether you’re living alone or with a growing family, all you need to do is to simply combine as many Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator models as you need with up to 3 modules side by side to achieve your desired storage space.

That’s not all, the Samsung Bespoke 1-door Flex Refrigerator also has a customisable interior that lets you convert it from a fridge into a freezer on demand or vice versa which affords plenty of storage space for your food especially during special occasions like the coming Raya holidays.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator- Marvellously Minimalist Design

Blending contemporary design and exceptional cooling performance, the Samsung Bespoke refrigerators feature marvellously minimalist and sleek aesthetics that can seamlessly fit with and class up any modern kitchen décor with their customisable colourways that come in three exciting hues* with the Bottom Mount Freezer available in Glam White & Navy Blue as well as Glam White & Glam Pink while the 1-Door Flex is available in Glam White and Glam Pink.

*Bespoke colour varies by region

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The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators can be installed counter-depth style or kitchen-fit style with your choice of three colourways, reversible doors as well as 1-door flex or bottom-freezer mount configurations to  suit any home kitchen.

Offering exceptional versatility in their design, the Samsung Bespoke refrigerators can be installed counter-depth style or even kitchen-fit style by aligning your kitchen cabinets. The Samsung Bespoke refrigerators also feature reversible doors, allowing them to open on either the left or right side to fit your preferred kitchen layout.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator – Keep food fresher for longer with powerful cooling technologies

The Samsung Bespoke refrigerators combine powerful Digital Inverter technology, an innovative No Frost feature and effective All Around Cooling technology to ensure that produce stored within the Bespoke refrigerators are kept fresher for longer by storing them at optimised temperatures.

The All Around Cooling technology relies on sophisticated sensors in each compartment of the Samsung Bespoke Fridge that continuously monitors the temperature to ensure that each compartment is cooled evenly from corner to corner. 

To tackle the problem of fluctuating temperatures when you open and close the fridge door throughout the day, an innovative Metal Cooling plate in the rear of the refrigerator helps to prevent the loss of cool air and maintain optimal cool temperatures throughout the day even when the kids (and dad) open the door constantly for snacks and drinks.

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Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators feature a Metal Cooling plate that helps regulate optimal cool temperatures even when the fridge door is opened constantly through the day

Samsung Bespoke refrigerators also have No Frost technology  that ensures air is constantly and evenly circulated throughout all fridge compartments at controlled temperatures in order to prevent ice build-up and ensure less strain on the cooling system.

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The cornerstone that makes the Samsung Bespoke refrigerators a sound choice is their integrated  Digital Inverter technology, that leverages Samsung’s  industry-leading Digital Inverter compressor to continuously optimise performance based on the cooling demands of the fridge.

Digital Inverter technology synergistically works with its other complementary technologies to ensure that the Bespoke refrigerators run quieter and are more energy efficient over time as less power is wasted while also having the benefit of enhancing its service life. As a testament to its durability, the Samsung Bespoke refrigerators have a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a 21 year durability certificate*. 

Which Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator should I buy?

In Malaysia, you’re able to order the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator in two design configurations and three customisable colourways with your choice of the Samsung Bespoke 1-door Flex Refrigerator for RM4,999 in your choice of Glam White or Glam Pink and the Bespoke Bottom Mount Refrigerator for RM5,099 in Glam White & Glam Pink or Glam Pink & Navy Blue.

In the case of the Bespoke Bottom Mount Refrigerator which has a bottom freezer door, you’re able to customise its top and bottom doors in matching or different colours to suit any home kitchen space arrangement. 

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Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators can be customised on ordering with your choice of Navy Blue, Glam White and Glam Pink colourways

If you’re someone who needs to store different types of both chilled and frozen food and need to keep groceries all organised, the Bespoke Bottom Mount Refrigerator is ideal with its internal dairy compartment, egg container, vegetable/fruit drawer and separated freezer section.

The Bespoke 1-door Flex Refrigerator has a host of more general purpose drawers with four of them in total that you can organise at will and you’re able to convert the entire module into a fridge or freezer with the press of a button. 

The magic of the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator range is that you’re able to start off with one module and then expand it with additional Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator modules to form a larger refrigerator unit. For more details on the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator range and to order one to add to your home, please visit the official Samsung online store at

* Awarded a 21 year durability certification by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – VDE). Actual lifespan may vary depending on the usage circumstances.** 10 year warranty is limited to the compressor only.