New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories cover

New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories seen at Unpacked 2023 show they’ve taken things to the next level

At the official Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event where they revealed the new Galaxy S23 family of phones, Samsung also revealed a slew of new Galaxy S23 accessories that range from the customary refresh of casings to several that show they’ve taken things to the next level. Literally.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Accessories

In an event ahead of Galaxy Unpacked 2023, Samsung revealed a range of accessories that are intended for the Galaxy S23 series phones.

Not all of their cases were showcased but each case  will have a version of it intended for Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Add in the various possible colour variants and you have a ton of possible permutations for the same base design.

New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories soft case

Starting out at the ground floor were their soft-touch matte casings sourced from recycled post consumer material that come in a variety of colours fitted to each Galaxy S23 series phones. 

New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories grip case

Another variant seen was a version with an elastic strap on the back dubbed a silicone grip case that lets users hold a Galaxy S23 series phone securely and comfortably one-handed. The elastic straps are swappable and while no new strap designs were seen at the briefing, it’s likely there will be more options later on down the line.

New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories bio leather

There were also classier looking form-fitted single-piece cases made of a faux leather that they’ve labelled as Bio Leather along with the usual array of flip cases too that protect the front with a flap that features a small cut-out that allows the phone to tell the time dubbed the Galaxy S23 Smart View Wallet Case (RM169).

New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories time

For those who are keen on personalising their gear, Samsung is also issuing a transparent polycarbonate case and the option to kit it out with an array of stickers that can be acquired on the house at customisation zones. At present, it isn’t clear if this is a one-off or if it will be a common feature at Samsung stores in the future.

While these Galaxy S23 accessories aren’t exactly new designs, Samsung also showcased two new casing designs that look absolutely brilliant.

New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories case grip

The first new design, dubbed the Galaxy S23 Clear Gadget Case (RM189) is a variant of their silicone case that has a rotatable finger grip made of steel on the rear that can comfortably fit two fingers to securely hold it on the move.

It gets better as the mechanism is still enough that it can be used as a phone stand in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Don’t like the grip? Twist it and the locking mechanism detaches so you can add in another differently style grip or other accessory. This version isn’t designed for rugged use but is slim and good looking enough for urban scenarios.

Their last new Galaxy S23 accessory is by turns the most impressive and the toughest casing they’ve ever manufactured though only one example was shown that is intended for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It isn’t immediately clear if it will be made for the smaller Galaxy S23+ or Galaxy S23.

New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories armour

Their new Galaxy S23 Ultra tough case, dubbed the Galaxy S23 Rugged Gadget Case is so heavily armoured that it can likely be used as a melee weapon. The single-piece casing is made of a thick rubber material that securely hugs the phone, features a corner lanyard hole and has a chunky rear grip that can double as a phone stand, hand grip and likely as a set of fist irons in a pinch.

New Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories stand

Like the prior Galaxy S23 Clear Gadget silicone case with rear grip, the one in the tough case is also secured by a twist lock and can be swapped out for another grip too. At present, there’s no prices yet or availability for any of these new Galaxy S23 accessories but we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime you can preorder the Galaxy S23 series which will have a preorder programme from 2nd to 23rd February 2023. For more details check out their official page at

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