Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder cover image

Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder programme and prices announced; preorders start on 2 February 2023 with up to RM458 in free gifts

At Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023, viewers around the world got a firsthand glimpse at their latest generation smartphones dubbed the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23. After the launch Samsung announced the official Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder programme along with the available RAM/storage variants, colourways and, of course prices for their Galaxy S23 series.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 price in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Samsung will sell all three flagship phones in the Galaxy S23 series at the following prices and storage configurations.

Samsung Galaxy S23 RM4,199 (8GB RAM/256GB) | RM3,899 (8GB RAM/128GB)

Samsung Galaxy S23+ RM5,199(8GB RAM /512GB) | RM4,699 (8GB RAM/256GB)

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra RM6,199 (12GB RAM/ 512GB) | RM7,199 (12GB RAM / 1TB) | RM5,699 (12GB RAM/256GB)

Samsung will be offering all three models in all four official colours which are Phantom Black, Cream, Lavender and Green for the Malaysia market.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder colours

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder programme will offer all three phones in your choice of Green (left), Cream (middle), Phantom Black (right) and Lavender (not pictured)

Samsung Galaxy S23 lavender

The Samsung Galaxy S23 in Lavender. The finish has a matte frosted finish that has more of a subtle pinkish tinge to the naked eye.

In terms of pricing, Samsung is offering models at a commensurately higher price point out of the starting gate compared to last year’s prices for the Galaxy S22 series. This isn’t an apples to apples comparison though as prices have to factor in current exchange rates and the performance improvements in the new series though this is in line with the price hikes seen in other regions where the Galaxy S23 is sold.

For Malaysia, the Galaxy S23 Ultra with 12GB RAM/512GB storage has a modest RM300 price hike if compared over last year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra with a similar RAM/storage configuration at launch.

The Galaxy S23 with 8GB RAM/256GB storage at RM4,199 has an RM500 price increase over its predecessor which cost RM3,699 last year. The Galaxy S23+ has an RM5,199 price tag though it’s hard to draw a comparison in this case as Samsung didn’t ship in a 512GB model for the Galaxy S22+ last year.

While it does look like a substantial hit to the pocket, this latest generation of phones gets a custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor that offers higher performance, large vapour chambers across the board for higher sustained performance and better front and rear cameras with significant improvements in low light image quality. Once we get a review sample we’ll put them to the test.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series USB ports

Fortunately, there the Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder programme offers a means that gets you the higher storage variants for less, and assuming you’ve been fast on the draw, prices that almost match last year’s models for a limited time only.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder details -Double Storage upgrade up to RM500

The Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder programme will commence on 2 February 2023 and will end on 23 February 2023. The preorder programme this year primarily involves what Samsung refers to as Double Storage upgrades; in effect discounts to acquire Galaxy S23 series models with more storage for up to RM500 less depending on which Galaxy S23 series phone you preorder.

If you purchase the Galaxy S23 Ultra 1TB during the preorder period, you only pay RM6,699 which is an RM500 discount off its official RM7,199 retail price. The Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB only costs RM5,699 during the preorder period which is an RM500 discount during the preorder period versus its full-price RM6,199 price tag after the preorder programme is over.

For the Galaxy S23+ 512GB, the price goes down to just RM4,699 which is – you guessed it – an RM500 discount off its RM5,199 official retail price. For the base Galaxy S23 256GB, you can acquire it for just RM3,899 off its original RM4,199 price point which is a slightly less but still considerable RM300 discount.

On top of the Double Storage upgrade discount, you also get an additional set of discounts depending on whether you preorder the Galaxy S23 series phone at the official Samsung Malaysia website or at Samsung Experience stores/ Samsung authorised partners with the former having slightly different perks over the latter.

If you preorder online at the Samsung Malaysia official website, you also get an RM400 e-Voucher thrown in on the house as well as special purchase-with-purchase promotions with up to 30% off on selected Samsung accessories, Galaxy Watch smartwatches, Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds, Galaxy tablets and the Samsung Care+ programme.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder at online store

If you preorder it at a Samsung authorised partner or a Samsung Experience store, you get a free Galaxy S23 series silicone grip cover and super fast wireless charger duo (15W) worth RM169 and RM289 respectively. You also get a similar purchase-with-purchase promotion with up to 30% off selected Samsung accessories, earbuds and watches similar to that offered at the official online website. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder at experience store retail partners

To recap, the primary difference between both options is that preordering at the Samsung online store gets you the RM400 e-voucher which you can allocate to the extra accessories of your choice while getting it at the Samsung Experience Store or Authorised Partners means that they issue you a fixed set of accessories. Regardless, both will still give you access to the purchase-with-purchase of up to 30% off perk.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder programme summary

Here’s everything for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorder programme summed up in a single handy chart for reference.

samsung galaxy s23 malaysia preorder prices and perks

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia preorders already look good with the Double Storage upgrade but savvier customers who already preregistered interest for Galaxy Unpacked 2023 will also have an RM200 e-Voucher get to further knock RM200 off the preorder price of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 price in Malaysia. That’s not all as Samsung is also offering some generous trade-in rebates if you toss in your old phone that can potentially offer an additional rebate up to RM600 in value for selected models.

For more details, you can check out the Samsung Galaxy S23 Malaysia official preorder page at 

If you’re keen to preorder the phone at a Samsung Experience store or authorised partner, you’ll have to visit the store in person or visit the partner’s website. To preorder the new Galaxy S23 series at the Samsung Malaysia online store, visit the following links:

Galaxy S23 Ultra Malaysia preorder page:

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