Cooler Master MH751 Review – Outstandingly comfortable headphones tested

Cooler Master MH751 Review cover

The prevalence of people working from home has brought about a dire need for better audio gear that can not only offer good sound quality but decent comfort in the bargain without costing an arm and a leg. The Cooler Master MH751 wired headphones aims to meet that need and more with a feature set…

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Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor gets your game on for RM739

Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor mon 2

If you’re looking for a straightforward gaming monitor with a high refresh rate for not a lot of money, you’ll appreciate what the charms that the new Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor has to offer for RM739. What is the Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor This 23.8-inch Full HD LCD display has a…

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New Cooler Master Service Centre opens in Petaling Jaya to better serve Malaysians

Cooler Master Service Centre front

Renowned component and peripheral purveyor Cooler Master is taking customer service up a notch with the launch of Malaysia’s first Cooler Master Service Centre in Petaling Jaya where customers can drop by for inquiries, sort out RMA claims and more. What is the Cooler Master Service Centre The new Cooler Master Service Centre is managed…

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Cooler Master MM730 Review – RM189 Ultra Light Gaming Mouse Tested

Cooler Master MM730 Review cover

The Cooler Master MM730 gaming mouse features the streamlined design and customary performance of their more popular gaming mouse form factors but implements a slew of additional measures to make it one of their lightest designs ever made at just 48g. Here’s our Cooler Master MM730 review where we put one of their lightest gaming…

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New Cooler Master 2022 offerings revealed in virtual Chronos Summit online showcase

New Cooler Master 2022 offerings revealed in virtual Chronos Summit online showcase 1

Renowned desktop peripheral and component manufacturer Cooler Master has revealed their latest offerings in their annual virtual Cooler Master 2022 summit which sees invited guests from across the world participate in a virtual showcase that takes places solely in the Gather Town platform in light of the new normal. Also dubbed the Chronos Summit 2022,…

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Legendary DOTA 2 player Mushi is now Cooler Master Brand Ambassador

Cooler Master Brand Ambassador

Cooler Master has pulled quite a hat trick of late as they’ve managed to sign up one of the most renowned DOTA 2 players in Malaysia ever, the eponymous Mushi aka Chai Yee Fung as Cooler Master Brand Ambassador. Who is Cooler Master Brand Ambassador Mushi As Cooler Master Brand Ambassador, Mushi aims to unite…

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Cooler Master GD160 gaming desk lets you enact the rule of cool for RM1,199

Cooler Master GD160 cover

Alongside a solid gaming chair that doubles as a comfy throne, Cooler Master is issuing their new gaming desk that aims to offer a neo modern style while remaining sturdy enough to support even the heaviest desktops. Dubbed the Cooler Master GD160, the new gaming desktop costs RM1,199 in Malaysia. For what you pay for,…

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KFConsole gaming PC is real, absolutely insane and actually warms up your chicken

KFConsole weird

We’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in our long career in tech from outlandishly designed laptops to phones that look like plastic tacos but this offering is so bizarre that it reaches a new high as KFC and Cooler Master have teamed up to make the KFConsole, a bucket-shaped gaming PC that also ‘warms…

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