Volvo C40 front

Volvo C40 pure electric SUV makes grand Malaysia debut priced at RM288,888

The new Volvo C40 all-electric SUV that has just launched in Malaysia today achieves a number of impressive milestones. Not only is it Volvo’s first electric-only SUV, it’s also notably Malaysia’s second luxury vehicle that’s assembled locally which is quite a feat indeed in these times.

Volvo C40 side

What is the Volvo C40

Available in a choice of five colourways that consist of Crystal White, Black Stone, Silver Dawn, Sage Green and a striking shade of Fjord Blue, the Volvo C40 has been designed from the ground up as an electric-only design.

Volvo C40 seats

The poshly appointed C40 features a pure-electric powertrain capable of offering up to 660nM of torque and 408hp  while being sufficiently nippy enough that it can go from 0-100km/h in just 4.7 seconds. The 75kWh lithium-ion Nickel rich NCM battery consumes an average of 22.1kWh/100km with a maximum range of 450km on a single charge. When using a DC rapid charger, Volvo’s latest ride is able to fully charge itself in just 28 minutes.

Volvo C40 hood

Volvo C40 price in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the Volvo C40 can be acquired for just RM288,888 on the road inclusive of 5 years of vehicle warranty, 8 years of battery warranty or the first 160,000 – whichever comes first, 5 years of Volvo on Call roadside assistance, 5 years of Volvo Service or for the first 100,000km whichever comes first, 4 years of Digital Service and, as you’d surmise, a charging cable. In east Malaysia, the Volvo C40 clocks in at RM289,088 on the road.

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 In terms of availability, the Volvo C40 will be available from today onwards on 14th December 2022 from 8PM Malaysia time for online bookings. In-store viewings are available the following day at all authorised dealers nationwide from 15th December 2022 onwards.

volvo c40 malaysia price

The launch of the Volvo C40 is notable as it also coincides with the debut of Volvo’s Online Sales web portal that lets customers purchase their rides online without having to hop through the typical rigmarole of working through a dealer first while also helping to make pricing more transparent. For more details, check out