Mcdonald’s BTS Meal coming to Malaysia this 26th May 1

Mcdonald’s BTS Meal coming to Malaysia this 26th May

Crossovers between pop culture and fast food are inevitable but the Mcdonald’s BTS meal takes it to new heights as it involves the popular K-pop band’s signature order that you can experience for yourself as Mcdonald’s is bringing it to Malaysia in all its tasty glory.

The Mcdonald’s BTS Meal will arrive this 26th May at all Mcdonald’s restaurants nationwide and consists of a medium Coke, a medium serving of fries, a 10-piece set of Chicken McNuggets and the defining factor – two packets of sauce with one of them being Sweet Chilli and the other Cajun. The sauces are apparently inspired by popular recipes from Mcdonald’s South Korea.

The Mcdonald’s BTS meal is an expansion of the brand’s celebrity signature orders that began in the U.S last year and will be available globally in nearly 50 countries. You can check out the complete list of available countries here. If this kicks off, the next question on our minds would be how we can get our hands on that fabled Szechuan dipping sauce of Rick and Morty fame.