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New Dell Hybrid Client to offer enhanced productivity and flexibility for companies in the new normal

Wind back to early 2020 and the concept of working from home would be considered a privilege if not a luxury. Fast forward to today and that perspective would likely meet with a grim shake of the head.

With the ongoing pandemic, it’s clear that remote work and the challenges associated with it moving forward are all part of the new normal. That’s where the new Dell Hybrid Client comes into the picture.

As organisations are adjusting to new ways of working and scaling their systems and technologies for better remote working, it’s clear that many challenges remain for remote workers especially in regards to ease of access to applications and data without compromising security.

Seeing the recent Kaspersky report about the state of cyberattacks in Asia, it’s a worrying concern indeed seeing the increase of cyber attacks in Malaysia as well as the number of employees working from home.

To that end, Dell Technologies and its new Dell Hybrid Client is a centrally managed client software solution that can be deployed with selected Dell laptops and desktops. 

Built from the ground up for security and ease of deployment, the Dell Hybrid Client offers hybrid cloud management so that employees, no matter where they are, be it working remotely or in the office, are able to seamlessly access work applications and data while enjoying a personalised PC experience without compromising on security or flexibility.

 IT teams also benefit significantly as the Dell Hybrid Cloud is easily controlled through the cloud and ready for instant deployment.

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How does Dell Hybrid Client work?

Users who have Dell Hybrid Client installed on their Dell device can sign-in and then find a personalised desktop interface with all their apps. Within Dell Hybrid Cloud, users can find:

  • Security at every touchpoint: Securely scale to thousands of users while still protecting employee and company data through built-in features including system lockdown, secure boot, user file encryption and more. 
  • Simplified Workflow: Your workday doesn’t need to be interrupted as users have secure access to web and virtual applications from Citrix, VMware and Microsoft and various storage locations.
  • Optimised Productivity: Zoom or Microsoft Teams clients run locally, enabling faster collaboration while helping reduce strain on IT infrastructures. 
  • Consistent Experience: With an enhanced “Follow-me” feature, users will find their applications and data on any supported desktop interface – even after changing devices. 
  • Flexibility in Cloud Providers: Organisations can embrace a more flexible mindset by supporting and seamlessly integrating from Wyse Management Suite’s multiple cloud vendors including, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.
  • Comprehensive Software Support: With ProSupport, Dell Hybrid Client users receive proactive resolution. With automatic alerts and case creation, remote diagnosis and access to ProSupport engineers, employees can experience little to no downtime and IT can proactively support business needs. 

At present, Dell Hybrid Client is available in Malaysia on selected desktop, VDI and mobile devices from Dell Technologies including the Optiplex 7090 Ultra, the Optiplex 3090 Ultra, the Wyse 5070 and the Latitude 3320. For more details, check out Dell Technologies official page on Dell Hybrid Client here.