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NVIDIA GeForce Now officially in Malaysia for gamers in collaboration with Yes 5G

If you’ve ever wanted to play triple-A games but bemoan the lack of the computing hardware to tackle it, you’ll appreciate what the NVIDIA GeForce Now service has to offer. In an official launch in collaboration with Yes 5G, you’re now able to experience what the service has to offer for gamers at their showcase that’s taking place over the weekend until  11 June 2023 at Starhill Gallery’s main entrance facing Pavilion mall..

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What is NVIDIA GeForce Now

For the uninitiated, NVIDIA GeForce Now is a game streaming service that helps your naff PC or other device handle more graphically demanding games than it could ever possibly handle on its own by offloading all the pixel crunching heavy grunt work to NVIDIA GeForce Now’s own servers and then streaming the game back to you.

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To be clear, the service doesn’t offer you the games themselves and you’ll have to own the games you want to play on a supported platform which at present is Steam, Epic Games and Ubisoft. Assuming you have a game on one of these platforms and then pair it up to your NVIDIA GeForce now account, you’re in business and able to play games that would typically require a hefty GPU on surprisingly naff hardware in a relatively smooth fashion with a maximum of 6 hours per gaming session.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Malaysia deals

The service isn’t just limited to PCs and you’re able to game, after a fashion, on an Android tablet or a smartphone too though some games aren’t designed for a purely touch interface.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Malaysia subscription service costs

Signing up for the NVIDIA GeForce Now service costs RM30 per month or if you’re feeling particularly prosperous, RM300 per annum if you’re a Yes 5G subscriber.

If you’re signing up for the service with another telco like Digi, Maxis or Celcom, you’ll have to fork out RM50 per month or half a grand per annum. If you’re keen, check out their official site at https://www.cloudgaming.my/

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