UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger Review – The Fast and the Furious

UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger Review cover

Everyone these days owns at least one smartphone  and in all likelihood a laptop and even a tablet too. Unfortunately, with bundled chargers going the way of the dodo, juicing all this gear is becoming a problem, one that the new UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger is able to resolve in a handy fashion. Here’s…

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UGREEN 100W GaN charger now in Malaysia for RM169.90

UGREEN 100W Gan charger full charge

Keeping all your gear charged is typically an onerous chore but UGREEN’s latest charger aims to let you swiftly juice almost all your kit in one fell swoop. Enter the UGREEN 100W GaN charger that they’ve released in Malaysia for RM169.90. The refined successor to the original UGREEN 65W GaN charger with an even higher…

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UGreen 65W GaN Charger Review – Small in Size, Big on Power

UGREEN Gan 65w charger

The  plethora of different fast charging standards from different phone manufacturers, many of which are proprietary, makes for a logistical nightmare and one that overcrowds plug points in your home and which needs you to keep multiple chargers on hand. Fortunately, accessory provider UGREEN has heard the call which is where their new UGREEN  65W…

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