Acer Nitro QG0 series Malaysia gaming monitors debut in Malaysia – 3 beefy models from RM379

acer nitro QG0 series

Acer Malaysia has just launched not one but three new Nitro QG0 series gaming monitors dubbed the Nitro QG270S3, the Nitro QG240YS3 and the Nitro QG240YH3 that aim to redefine affordable gaming visuals with prices that start from RM379. What are the new Acer Nitro QG0 series gaming monitors? The new Acer Nitro QG0 series…

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New PRISM+ IOI City Mall outlet in Malaysia will offer great opening day deals on TVs and more

PRISM+ IOI City Mall prism 2

PRISM+ has been carving out a well-deserved name for themselves as a purveyor of Android TVs and monitors in Malaysia. Fresh after the opening of their inaugural retail outlet at Sunway Pyramid, they’ve spread their wings and have just opened the PRISM+ IOI City Mall retail outlet, their second store in Malaysia with an official…

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Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor gets your game on for RM739

Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor mon 2

If you’re looking for a straightforward gaming monitor with a high refresh rate for not a lot of money, you’ll appreciate what the charms that the new Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor has to offer for RM739. What is the Cooler Master GM238 FFS gaming monitor This 23.8-inch Full HD LCD display has a…

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Dell 32 G3223Q and G3223D gaming monitors now in Malaysia from RM2,259

Dell 32 G3223Q 4K UHD gaming monitor front

Dell has just introduced two beefy gaming monitors in Malaysia dubbed the Dell 32 G3223Q 4K UHD gaming monitor and the Dell 32 G3223D USB-C Gaming Monitor to cater to gamers looking for quality visuals when tackling all manner of gaming be it the wilds of Elden Ring or the urban nightmares of Ghostwire Tokyo .…

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