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Razer releases Haptic Composer by Interhaptics for free

A few months back, Razer acquired a developer called Interhaptics which made waves for a haptic design tool called Haptic Composer. Today, Razer has relaunched and made the Interhaptics SDK and developer tools available for free to game studios and developers.

What is Haptic Composer

For the uninitiated, the Haptic Composer tool by Interhaptics allows developers to create different haptic perceptions like vibration, textures and stiffness for games. The Haptic Composer tool resolves the current conundrum of every OEM having a unique or proprietary method to create haptics for a given device or platform which unfortunately is difficult to port across to other platforms.

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The relaunched Haptic Composer offers a redesigned UI, a library of premade haptic effects, support for audio-to-haptics and the ability to extract haptic effects from audio and customise them in Haptic Composer.

The Haptic Composer tool and SDK allows developers to design, test and play haptics for the PlayStation 5’s DualSense wireless controller, Meta Quest controllers, iOS and Android smartphones for the Unity Engine. You can check out the Interhaptics SDK at www.interhaptics.com 

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