Dell Concept Luna aims to change the face of laptop design forever

dell concept luna micro factory 1

Much like smartphones, laptops have become an ubiquitous cornerstone in the digital age that we now live in, relied upon for work and play in equal measure. Following conventional manufacturing doctrine, the vast majority of laptops manufactured in recent times were made with intentional obsolescence in mind by making them hard to repair and with…

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Dell UP3221Q Review – The Awesome Professional’s Paramount Monitor Choice

Dell UP3221Q Review cover

Content creators who are serious about their craft appreciate the fact that a good, colour-accurate display is worth its weight in gold and in that regard, the Dell Ultrasharp 32 4K HDR Monitor aka model UP3221Q aims to be worth every gram of its 24 kilos, but is is worth the money? We put it…

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Latest Dell Latitude 9430 packs 12th Gen Intel CPUs and posh design to be the ultimate premium business convertible

Dell Latitude 9430

Since its debut at CES 2020, the Dell Latitude 9000 series has become the byword for ultra premium  laptops intended for the corporate elite and its latest addition to the line, dubbed the Latitude 9430 aims to continue that fine tradition with the latest tech, cutting edge security and premium materials used in its construction.…

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Dell 32 G3223Q and G3223D gaming monitors now in Malaysia from RM2,259

Dell 32 G3223Q 4K UHD gaming monitor front

Dell has just introduced two beefy gaming monitors in Malaysia dubbed the Dell 32 G3223Q 4K UHD gaming monitor and the Dell 32 G3223D USB-C Gaming Monitor to cater to gamers looking for quality visuals when tackling all manner of gaming be it the wilds of Elden Ring or the urban nightmares of Ghostwire Tokyo .…

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Dell Concept Luna takes the idea of a repairable laptop to new heights

Dell Concept Luna cover

In the present day, product design for laptops, PCs and other electronics by many major brands tend to discourage self repair or upgrade options and once they become obsolete, there’s few options to recycle or repurpose them short of dismantling them for valuable metals. Over the years, this concept of product design has resulted in…

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Dell XPS Desktop coming to Malaysia from RM5,999

Dell XPS Desktop cover image

The Dell XPS brand is best known for their range of sleek ultraportables like the XPS 13 but their XPS Desktop line also bears the same hallmarks of exquisite design and impressive performance too with their new XPS desktop for 2021 slated for arrival in Malaysia this December 2021. The revamped Dell XPS Desktop is…

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Dell UltraSharp U3821DW 38 USB-C Hub Monitor Review – Wondrously Wide Multitasking Delight

dell UltraSharp u3821dw

The Dell UltraSharp 38 USB-C Hub Monitor, also designated as model U3821DW is easily one of Dell’s largest curved ultra wide monitors available in Malaysia with an equally huge price tag to boot though it has recently become more affordable at just over half the price, making it all the more tempting. Here’s our Dell…

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New Dell C1422H is their first portable monitor with premium design and slick visual quality

Dell 14 C1422H portable monitor

Dell has announced their first ever portable monitor with aesthetics akin to their premium Latitude and XPS series laptops dubbed the Dell 14 C1422H portable monitor that is slated for arrival in Malaysia in the near future. The Dell 14 C1422H portable monitor is a 14-inch 1080p LED-backlit IPS display with a 16:9 aspect ratio…

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Revamped powerful Dell XPS 15 and XPS 17 2021 models coming to Malaysia from RM8,599

Dell XPS 17 2021 and XPS 15

With the announcement of Intel’s next generation 11th Gen Intel Core H-series processors comes the inevitable array of refreshed laptops and Dell has thrown their hat in the ring with upgraded versions of the Dell XPS 15 and XPS 17 intended for mobile workers and content creators on the go. Much like its predecessors, the…

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Dell Inspiron 2021 range refreshed to be greener and faster, coming to Malaysia in April 2021

Dell Inspiron 2021 series

The Dell Inspiron 2021 range is the latest refresh of the line to meet the challenges of the new normal with more eco-friendly packaging and design on top of the customary upgrades to performance that include your choice of AMD Ryzen 5000 series or 11th Gen Intel Core CPUs. For Malaysia, Dell will be bringing…

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