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Razer Project Carol at CES 2023 is a brilliant wireless surround sound head cushion concept design

CES 2023 is where every brand showcases what they have lined up for the year along with concept designs that may or may not make it to store shelves. Alongside their slick Leviathan V2 Pro and Kiyo Pro Ultra, Razer also showed off their rather quaint Project Carol at their CES 2023 booth.

What is Razer Project Carol?

At first glance, you’ll be forgiven to think that Razer Project Carol is a new type of gaming chair but it’s actually something else entirely. In effect, it’s a head cushion that serves up 7.1 near-field surround sound. 

Up close, it looks like a very well padded head cushion with an elastic strap that lashes on to the back of a gaming chair; you don’t necessarily need a chair from Razer for it to work. Flanking the head cushion are a pair of two extended cushioned flaps that contain 7.1 surround sound speakers that also use Razer Hypersense haptic tech to create haptic feedback for a more immersive experience. Seeing as these speakers are plonked right next to a user’s head, it’s much easier to create a vivid sphere of sound. 

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There’s no cables required to operate it and it pairs up wirelessly via 2.4Ghz wireless to a PC or other device. Once plugged in, Razer Project Carol offers up to 8 hours of battery life before you need to recharge it via a USB-C port.

As Razer Project Carol is a concept design, there’s no confirmation yet that it’ll reach production but the concept itself sounds absolutely brilliant as it’s a relatively easy retrofit to add richer, bigger sound to any home gaming setup. You can check out their official Razer Project Carol page here.

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