Amazing Samsung #UnfoldYourWorld Day takes Kuala Lumpur by Storm

Samsung unfoldyourworld

Ask anyone on the street about a smartphone brand and Samsung will likely be tops on the list on top of being one of the most renowned purveyors of TVs and appliances but beyond the distinctive jingle and their logo emblazoning a slew of things that we use in our daily lives, most don’t have…

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Here’s what Dr Joshua Sungdae Cho says about how they’re using the power of AI to take the cameras in the Samsung Galaxy A series to the next level

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review box

Regardless of price point, almost every user expects the best quality possible for their smartphones that meets and ideally exceeds what they paid for. While premium camera sensors and hardware exist, the challenge is cost.  Flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S22 series and the new Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 are able to command premium…

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OnePlus 10T 5G with super fast 150W charging coming to Malaysia

OnePlus 10T 5G jade green

Mention the name OnePlus to any smartphone aficionado worth their salt and the name would likely be greeted with some level of reverence as their phones are typically hallmarks for value and are known for their snappy OxygenOS firmware. Now, one of their latest flagships, the OnePlus 10T 5G is slated to make an appearance…

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Samsung Student Offer Program now in Malaysia with 0% interest instalment plans

Samsung Student Offer Program student offer

Tech doesn’t come cheap but Samsung Malaysia is looking to make it more accessible for students with their new Samsung Student Offer Program in Malaysia that offers trade-in options, 0% instalment plans, free delivery and a 5% discount for first time users. What is the Samsung Student Offer Program The new Samsung Student Offer Program…

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Here’s why the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator is a fantastically fashion-forward home accessory for fashionistas

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator pink

How you decorate your home speaks volumes as to your personality and of course, good taste. While furniture can come in all shapes and styles from Bauhaus to Baroque, refrigerators usually don’t have the same breadth and depth of choices with most options typically running to variations of a grey slab perched like a monolith…

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Dell Technologies showcases Latitude 7330 Ultralight and Precision 5470 laptops with enhanced Dell Optimizer AI and TechDirect enterprise solution for Malaysia

Dell Latitude 7330 and Precision 5470 launch

Dell Technologies showcased their latest commercial laptops today for commercial and enterprise applications in a briefing for invited guests dubbed the ‘Bring The Latest Innovation To Your Hybrid Work’ where they demonstrated the new Latitude and Precision line-ups spearheaded by the Latitude 7330 Ultralight and Precision 5470 laptops.  The new Latitude and Precision range also…

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Here’s how staying cool is easy with the Samsung WindFree™ Premium Plus air conditioners from as low as RM88/month

Samsung Windfree

The scorching weather in Malaysia almost all year round means that getting an air conditioner is often a necessity to remain comfortable at home though many homeowners hesitate at the potential up-front cost of investing in an air conditioner as well as the bill to keep it running especially under the typical blazing heat of…

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Awesome Dyson robots could be doing household chores by 2030 ; massively expands robotics team

Dyson robots doing household chores

Dyson is renowned for being on the veritable cutting edge of hair care and cordless vacuums like their Corrale, the Airwrap, the new Zone and the latest V12 Detect Slim but they’re aiming for the future as the company revealed footage of prototype robots that are currently in the prototype stage performing a series of…

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New Ubisoft Scalar tech will harness cloud computing to create bigger worlds in games

ubisoft scalar tech 3

Renowned game publisher Ubisoft who are best known for their For Honor, Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry series of games revealed their next-generation Ubisoft Scalar technology that will harness cloud computing to create bigger, better and richer game worlds. Typically a game world in a given game, especially in a multiplayer one is limited in…

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Here’s how the Dyson Zone air purifying headphones were created

Dyson zone air purifying headphones

Announced to the world just a few short minutes ago, the Dyson Zone is the brand’s first foray into personal wearables for the new normal. Combining an air purifier and a pair of noise cancelling headphones into one wearable form factor, the Dyson Zone is unlike anything ever made or issued in the company’s inventory…

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